Photos and the Social Media-Dilemma!

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Roma, Pincio, Italy

We already talked a lot about this topic. Opinions differ in this case!

As amateur-photographers, we can not imagine how people don´t want to take pictures while traveling! Some people argue, it´s not possible enjoying the trip while taking pictures all the time! In our country (Germany) people become more radical when it comes to selfies and publishing pictures in social media platforms.

Why are we talking about this: Why do people´s opinions in different countries differ in so many ways when it comes to selfies and social media? It tells you something about a country and its people. And in the end, it´s the people you meet while travelling that influence your journey and your perception of the country!

In Germany, one could have the feeling, there is something like a certain codex how to behave on social media (in case people are posting something at all). Also very important is the frequency of new posts! Judgments are often vicious: It´s only about self-glorification; Don´t you have something better to do?!; Nobody is interested in that; FB or Instagram are just trying to collect information about you…” In case somebody is posting something, people talk about that in private!

Rome, Giardino degli Aranci, Italy

When in Rome do as the Romans do

When having a look at social media platforms, you can see how people in other countries think about this topic! People don´t seem to think a lot about it. They just post and of course how much they want! It´s quite normal that people post private stuff on FB and nobody seems to judge it. At least not the way people in Germany do! You post the 10000000th selfie and everybody on IG likes it, nobody judges you because of posting it!

For us, the truth lies somewhere in the middle! There is no need for mother earth telling everybody about your last poo, but fact is: social media lives by interaction of people. Interaction only works if people share stuff (about privacy or not) with each other and not only sitting behind your desk waiting for something happening on FB, you can complain about!

Athens, Greece

In this case, I seriously ask myself why people are even joining FB. There a lot of people, that never signed in BECAUSE they don´t want to share or see anything from other people! And in this case, this is what you also should do! Most people login FB and wait for something happening there, but it won´t because everybody is ashamed of posting!

Concerned about your personal information?

Regarding your information: You want to protect your privacy? Then throw away your laptop, telephone, smartphone. The moment you surf the internet or communicate via technical channels, you give away information about your personal life. This also includes ‘Whatsapp’. Most people think they can communicate in some sort of privacy. But instead this is the app, that tells the most about you! There are two ways to handle this topic without big efforts: Throw everything away or just relax!

Selfie-Stick or not?

In this context, selfies must be mentioned ! For young people under the age of 20, it´s normal, not a big issue. Whereever we go, we see people with selfie-sticks. It really looks a bit weird, but we also use it for our action cam. During a day trip to Königsee in Bavaria, people were looking strangely at us. There is a tendency in Germany to be sceptical towards new stuff. We don’t want to judge, if this is right or wrong.

The other extreme: When in Athens, Asian people were looking at us disdainfully because we used our cam without selfie-stick. The thing is, we just forgot it at home! But live and let live is not very up to date worldwide right now.

Turku, Finland

When having a look at the age structure, you also find differences. People older than 40 are more likely to use social media or take and post selfies when they are not from Germany! This is still more of a kids domain in Germany!

We think it makes no sense taking lots of selfies. The point is, it doesn´t have to. Some won´t understand why people run a blog or travel in general or take part in social media.

Conclusion: We don´t care if people don´t like other people taking pictures or selfies. But we will surely continue observing that. The less important a topic is, the more people talk about it. A good chance to learn something about certain groups of people!

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