Photos taken with Smartphones!

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I used to decline photos taken with cell phones in general. Low resolution, much noise – it just wasn’t fun to watch the pictures. It was better, not to do it at all!

But, using our smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini), we often take photos with amazingly good quality. When time is of the essence and the camera is not within reach, you can rely on your smartphone (at least on a sunny day). Definitely a good choice for snapshots.

A good choice as well, if your pictures aren’t supposed to be too large. Using them for instagram, the resolution is more than enough. Additionally, the front cameras, which are included in many of the latest models, allow you to take selfies very easily. We don’t have a selfie stick for our smartphones; but you get the feeling that, at tourist spots, almost everybody has one.


New York, USA


Some hints for good smartphone pictures:

  • Keep a calm hand: That’s true for every type of camera! The less you shake, the better the quality.
  • Before triggering, set your focus, as you wish to. Using the Galaxy S 4, you just can tip on the preferred point in your display.
  • Then trigger, but stay on the button, until the small rectangle turns green and you hear a beep. Then let loose! Only then it will be focussed correctly!
  • If not necessary, turn off your flashlight. And it’s only necessary, if you want to illuminate people in the front, for example. In all other cases it’s not necessary! The rest of your pictures will just appear darker. Especially if taking photos through glass, flashlight is not necessary and will produce annoying (sometimes funny) bright spots!
  • Photo apps (Instagram and so on) are very good in the meantime to produce surprisingly good results. You can save less pictures, as long as you want to use them only in low resolution (smartphone displays).

So much from my side. If you have further hints, we’d love to hear them. We’d gladly add it to this post!

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