#pictureperfect: Hunting the perfect photo!

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Fuore, View from Bridge, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Some people are going to ask, why I wrote this post. It’s as easy as that – everyone takes pictures while travelling. That’s why this post is interesting for those striving for high quality pics in any situation and using different devices.

‘I’m taking my photos using my smartphone!’

Being kind of a photo-quality-junky, I would have had a heart attack until some time ago. But nowadays, using the latest smartphone models, I have to confess the picture quality is (at least in good light conditions) often amazing.

But this implies the biggest problem. In low light situations, at night, moving objects, or if you want special settings, effects …, smartphones reach their natural limits. As we always want to be satisfied by our pictures, we use several devices:

  • Smartphones: Using our smartphones, we often take photos with amazingly good quality.
  • Digital cameras: When striving for higher quality but the camera is small enough for your pocket. For very good results and if you’re on the road for a longer time, this camera is worth a thought.
  • Digital reflex cameras: My favourite camera for highest quality. To make the best of all possibilities, you have to spend some time. But anyone who likes best results will be satisfied.
  • Videos: Besides the reflex camera and especially for outdoor-filming we’re using an action cam. It’s really fun and you can film great effects.
  • Drone: Recently we bought a quattrocopter, which can take interesting air shots.
  • Equipment: Besides a good bag, a tripod, a remote control and additional batteries are very important.

Many of our best pictures you will find on Instagram. And some of our own videos we have posted on YouTube!

Furthermore I’m explaining the story behind some special pics (Picture of the Month) and telling you how to capture effects and get the results you imagined.

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