Of course, you want to know who is writing all this great stuff here:

We are Jan and Burcu, both 30 years old and we love travelling. Actually, we’re from beautiful Regensburg (Bavaria, Germany). But for four years now, we’ve been living in amazing Frankfurt. After university Jan came here for job reasons and I followed him after my own graduation.

We’re a couple since 2008 and married since 2016. And since our first road trip together in Florida in 2009, we always hit the road whenever money and time allow us to.

We’re not full-time travel bloggers. We love our home, our families, pets and friends. Being constantly on the road would just make us miss them too much.

At the same time, it doesn’t take long before we feel the wanderlust again. The stagnancy, this everyday-the-same-thing, it’s unbearable for us. We love to try new food, explore and see new cities and landscapes, meet different people and learn more about different cultures. The most interesting parts are definitely the good and the bad experiences you make while being on the road.

Due to the many photo opportunities on our travels, Jan can live up his passion for photography and take thousands of pictures for us and our blog.

We want to use this blog as a space to record our travels, to inspire you to travel more often and of course to help you with as much information as possible for your travels.

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If you want to contact us: hello@travagta.com or just use the comments.

Looking forward from hearing from you!