Thailand in January or June? Where could you travel in October? Spain in winter, is it a good idea? When is hurricane season in the Caribbean?

We want to show you, when we chose which destination. And: If our decision was a wise one or not!

Click on your destination and you get information when we visited which region and what we can recommend! Or just scroll down to your destination und get all the details!

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We were twice in Thailand, in January and March. Both months are normally part of the best travelling season from Dezember to April.
We were unlucky on our second trip: it was raining for days in the south with half the country being flooded. It’s very unusual in March (the first time in 60 years, Monsoon came in March).
But for a next trip we would choose January or February. Weather is very good statistically (of course it can always rain, though) and prices are lower than around christmas time.


We were in Florida in February and in New York in March.

Florida‘s best travelling season is outside of hurricane season, which begins in April/May and ends in October/November. February seemed perfect to us. Not too hot, but sunny and not as crowded as in December or in March (when it gets warmer and warmer).

Well, it was cold in New York in March. But at the same time, it was often sunny with crystal clear blue sky, not too many other tourists and hotels and flights were cheap. Best time is probably May/June or September, but this comes with main season’s disadvantages. Also very crowded: December. Countless people dream of doing their christmas shopping in New York.

Great Britain

We made a day trip to London in February. We hade fine weather with sun and some showers. You can visit London all year round; in summer it’s warmer but in might always rain.

Big Ben, London, Great Britain


We were in Athens in the beginning of February and enjoyed wonderful spring weather. But, to be honest, one week later it was snowing. We wouldn’t recommend July and August, as it is extremely hot then. May/June and September/October are a safe bet regarding good weather.


February in Amsterdam is often grey, but this can happen throughout the year. It was OK for sightseeing but, of course, a blue sky lets you take better pictures. Basically, you can visit Amsterdam the whole year, it might be slightly more favorable in summer. There are more bargains in winter, though.


Cuba‘s climate is similar to Florida and the major parts of the Caribbean. Hurrican season is between April/May and October/November. Apart from that, it’s great! We were there in March and had perfectly good weather almost the whole time. For the locals it’s too ‘cold’ to go swimming in the sea. Well, always a matter of opinion!


We were in Cambodia in March as it was our dream to see mighty Angkor Wat since we first saw pictures of it. We booked a three days trip from Bangkok and it went very smooth. Angkor Wat was really amazing and Siem Reap is a nice place to stay, too.

Ankgor Wat, Cambodia


We were in Iceland in March and it was an unforgettable experience. Despite or just because Winter is low season. Snowy landscapes, ice and Northern Lights and fewer tourists and lower prices are just some of many arguments. Go visit Iceland, it’s worth it.

Northern Lights, Iceland


I was in Beijing on an excursion with my Master’s program. That’s why I couldn’t choose the time of the year. But April wasn’t bad at all, not too hot, not too cold. Spring and fall can be recommended. In spring, sand storms from Gobi dessert might reach the capital! Smog is always an important aspect but it’s not necessarily dependent on the season.


We were in Lisbon in April and in the Algarve region in May and September. Both is worth a recommendation. July and August are very hot but still OK with constand winds blowing from the Atlantic.
Algarve is also a winter destination, although it might rain more often. In summer there’s almost no rain. Water temperature’s never rising as high as in the Mediterranean, but in late summer it’s bearable to go swimming.

In May it was often sunny and warm, perfect for sightseeing and enjoying the sun, yet it’s not as constant as in late summer. The sea is still quite cool this time of the year, but it’s a great season for people from middle and northern Europe.


Vienna in April can be great. Basically you can come here throughout the year. In case of bad weather, there are countless museums, churches and castles. In case of good weather, enjoy the city open air. In July and August it might get hot and sweaty. In winter it gets quite cold. Spring and fall are the best choices, but in can rain anytime.

In August we were in Bad Hallstatt which was just perfect: sunny but not too hot!


Rome and the Amalfi Coast are amazing in May. But, of course, the rest of the year, too. If you can, don’t go there in August, as it is extremely crowded and hot. In winter you can be lucky but it can be cool and rainy, too.

In August we were in South Tyrol. From early summer to fall it’s perfect to go hiking, in winter there are countless skiing areas.

Sicily is most beautiful in April and May in our opinion. The landscape is green and weather is perfect with lots of sun but not too hot.

From September until beginning of October is a perfect time for Sardinia with its magnificient beaches. Also, Puglia is amazing this time of the year: great beaches and picturesque villages and cities with great late summer weather and no crowds!


Best season for the Balkans is from spring until late fall. In August it is – as in Italy – very crowded and hot. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea is great from June on.

Bosnia & Hercegovina

Best season for the Balkans is from spring until late fall. In August it is – as in Italy – very crowded and hot. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea is great from June on.


Best season for the Balkans is from spring until late fall. In August it is – as in Italy – very crowded and hot. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea is great from June on.

Czech Republic

In Prague it was extremely hot in July. That’s not normal, though. As for many other European cities, March/April until October are the best months to choose.


In Norway it was extremely unsettled in July. We had lots of sun but also rain and it was windy. Even when the sun was shining, it didn’t get really hot, but in other summers it can get warmer. We didn’t care as we were appropriately clothed and had our own car. And we could make two longer hikes and sit outside in the sun in southern Norway.


Depending on what you intend to do, Switzerland is always worth a visit. Go skiing in winter or hiking and enjoying the Alpine landscape in summer. We had great weather in August.


We were in Slovenia in August and it was just perfect. Sunny summer weather but not too hot. Best season is from early summer to fall. In winter the mountains wait for skiers and snowboarders.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


The Alsace was perfect to visit in August. Not too crowded despite the main season, but great weather. And the vineyards are most beautiful in summer and early fall.

We visited Provence in August, too. This was a bit too late, though. Weather was very good (or even too hot). But lavender fields are most beautiful in July. Weather is supposed to be most enjoyable in May/June and in September.

December is perfect for a city trip to Paris in our opinion.

Paris, France


We were in Denmark on our Northern Germany trip. Besides the coast of the North Sea in the southwest of Denmark we visited Aarhus. We loved the university town instantly. Although our trip to Denmark was short we fell in love and and planned to come back.

And it happened on our trip to Norway. We took the ferry from Hirtshals and returned a week later. In beginning of July we discovered North Jutland. Well it was warmer than in Norway, to begin with. We had lots of sun, but also rain and it was windy. Nordic summer! But we liked it nevertheless!

Blåvand, Denmark


I was in Stockholm in August and weather was great, considering being in the North. Best season would be mid June until mid July. It rarely turns dark and the weather is stable and good.


In August it’s often good weather in Southern Finland. Perfect would me mid June until mid July. It rarely turns dark and the weather is stable and good.

New Zealand

Main season is in European winter. I was in New Zealand in low season and it was surprisingly good. No swimming in the sea but very sunny and often blue sky. Plus: everything was cheap and only few other tourists. Worth a recommendation: August and September!


We visited Bali in September. It’s the last month of the dry season from April to September and our expectations were fulfilled: Dry and warm, but not too hot. It wasn’t too crowded at the same time, as high season is in July and August. We can definitely recommend Bali in September!


Our short stay in Singapore followed our trip to Bali. It was also dry when we were here in September. But it’s hot, humid and ‘Hazy’ throughout the year. The ‘Haze’ is even more likely in Indonesia’s dry season. We were lucky but you might also have bad luck throughout the year. At least, it’s warm enough anytime!


You can come to Curacao anytime you like, because it’s outside of the hurricane region. It’s sunny and hot throughout the year and rain is very rare. Beach, beach, beach the whole year!

South Africa

South Africa was definitely one of our highlights so far. An amazing country, and we just saw the Cape provinces. Great coastlines, wildlife, beautiful landscapes and Cape Town, which is one of the coolest cities in the world. We were there in September, whic is before the main travelling season, starting by mid of October until March. But we could visit the amazing Wild Flowers and it’s perfect for watching whales (normally). Weather was fine most of hedays, but there was some rain and it seldomly was really warm. To sum up: We would visit Cape Town and surroundings again in September, but for the Garden Route we would prefer November in the future.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa


Istanbul‘s always worth a trip if you love exciting and interesting city trips. We were there in April and end of September and had perfect weather. Lots of sun but not too hot. It’s getting very hot in July and August. In winter you might be lucky but it can become very cold, too. And sometimes it’s even snowing. Spring and fall are definitely our recommendations. Same is true for the West Coast of Turkey. Lots of culture combines with an amazing coast and makes up to a great destination in spring and fall. If you want to go swimming in the sea, summer and early fall are the best options.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


Dubai was a stopover on our way back from South Africa. We visited it in September and it was hot, basically too hot for us. But the locals enjoyed the weather after the even hotter summer. So come here earliest in September, even better would be October to March to be able to enjoy it here.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


We were in Brussels in November and it was sunny and the sky was blue. A bit surprising but it’s as likely as rain and grey skies the whole year. So we can’t give a recommendation. But, outside of main season in summer, it’s cheaper and less crowded.


I studied in Dublin for four months and got to know the rest of Ireland. I was there from September to December and was really lucky in September: Weather was great, so I can recommend this month. Best time is likely between June and July, but it can rain any time of the year. And well, it’s just part of Ireland, right?


In Spain we visited Madrid and Barcelona in December and we were lucky. It was quite warm and sunny. You might catch some days with rain or clouds, but in general it’s warmer than in the rest of Europe.

In May we visited Andalusia and it seemed like the perfect season for sightseeing. Not too warm, lots of sun and crisp clear air. In the evenings it was a bit cool, but that’s not usual in May. Perfect season, if  you don’t just stick to swimming in the sea.

Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, El Escorial, Madrid, Spain

The Bahamas

By end of November, on the Bahamas the main season is about to begin. Well, we didn’t notice this on Great Exuma. We could walk for hours on dream like beaches without seeing other tourists. Swimming Pigs, stingrays, sharks, iguanas and amazing beaches with lots of sunshine – there are worse places to be this time of the year. From mid of November, hurricane seasons is supposed to be over and and not to come back until May/June. Season is in between, with most tourists around Christmas.

Swimming Pigs, Exuma, Bahamas