Copenhagen – expensive but sexy!

Everyone knows it. Copenhagen is expensive. Repeating it over and over again doesn’t make it any better. We spent five days in this city. Therefore we definitely wanted to keep an eye on the money without cutting off the fun. … Continued

Our Tour Eifel!

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Sometimes it happens that there’s a little bit of time left between our travels and we enjoy these little breaks of course. But for some inexplicable reason, it occurs that we can’t hold still and plan little trips within Germany. … Continued

Jerusalem Part II: Sightseeing outside the Old Town!

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You can spend days in Jerusalem and it doesn’t get boring. Untypical for us, we planned more time in Jerusalem than actually necessary so we could visit everything more relaxed and take some breaks. It can be quite humid and … Continued

Jerusalem Part I: The Old Town!

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To begin with: We really loved Jerusalem. There’s a lot to see here and you can spend quite some time here. You will burn a lot of calories if you visit all the sites by just walking from one to … Continued