Short trip to beautiful Württemberg and the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) in Fall!

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You know it. There’s a bank holiday in sight and you miraculously you can make an extended weekend out of it. But of course, you don’t know what to do with your precious time. Naturally, we have some ideas for … Continued

The North and East Coast of Madeira!

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The advantages of a rental car are obvious. How else could you easily reach other parts of Madeira, without following a strict time plan? There aren’t any earth-shattering distances on the island. It’s still not easy without a rental to … Continued

Funchal and Southern Madeira!

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We spent most of the time of our week on Madeira in the southern part of the island. Obviously, because our hotel was here, but also because there’s much to do and see here. In Funchal, there are several parking … Continued

The island of Senja in Norway, Part 2: What to see and to do!

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We’ll keep it short simple. After an introduction in part 1, here’s what you’re actually interested in. What to see, to hike, to photograph. You’re welcome! Panoramic terrace over Bergsbotn at Bergsfjord in Senja Bergsbotn is the village at Bergsfjord. … Continued

Tromsø – The largest city in the Arctic Circle!

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Paris of the North, Gateway to the Arctic Sea, Northern Lights Captial City. There are probably some more descriptions about Tromsø, but anyway. What matters is, it’s a beautiful city with high quality of life and we’d love to live … Continued