Our best pics from Jordan and Israel!

We’re only just back in Frankfurt a couple of days after our two week trip to Jordan and Israel and we’re really totally excited about it. Not just because of the many amazing and iconic sights and the delicious food both countries were offering. But it was also (without wanting to go into detail) a politically and emotionally moving experience to us.

In this case, it doesn’t even matter if our experiences were positive or negative (as we had both of them). Personally, we haven’t made these kinds of experiences before. Maybe because, in general, we are trying to avoid the world’s hot spots when it comes to crises. Usually, there are always several truths and versions of a story. But one thing here is definitely true: The Middle East won’t leave you cold!

As always on our picture-posts, I don’t want to go too far into detail as all the relevant posts are in the making right now. And to make this unbearable waiting time bearable for you guys, here are our best pictures. At least, we hope so. You’re welcome!



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