Adiós muchachos – we’re escaping winter!

Exuma Cays, The Bahamas

It’s dark, it’s cold and it feels endless – winter in Germany or Europe!

For skiers, it might be awesome and a few days of ‘winterwonderland’ are fine. But to be honest, after Christmas I’m done with winter. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking so.

Every year I have the feeling each winter is colder than the last. Imagination or not, a break from winter is always welcome.

Everyone having the opportunity to get on the next plane and head somewhere warm should do it.

Stocking Island, The Bahamas

Why Mexico (and Guatemala and Belize)

Jan regularly asked me where to go next. It’s nice to have someone around being as crazy about travelling as I am.

While we were sitting in our rental car back in Puglia, we heard the song ‘Are you with me’ by Lost Frequencies:

‘I wanna dance by water ‘neath the Mexican sky
Drink some Margaritas by a string of blue lights
Listen to the Mariachi play at midnight

Are you with me?’

Yeah, I know this song has been around for some time. Nevertheless, it was the trigger and our decision was made quite fast after this.

Mayan culture, Caribbean beaches (I think we’re growing some kind of fetish for them), Mexican food and Tequila – just for those who need more reasons to travel than just a song.

We decided for the Yucatan Peninsula as it offers a good infrastructure and is known to be relatively safe. Safety always seems to be an issue in Mexico.

Because it’s not too far from Yucatan, we’ll take the chance and make trips to Guatemala and Belize as well.

If all works out, it’s going to be a good mixture of backpacking, relaxing and enjoying. Fingers crossed, guys!

Great Exuma, The Bahamas

Travel preparations

As much as we like being on the road, we enjoy planning our trips: Doing research, seeing pretty pictures and looking forward; being nervous on booking (‘Do we really want to do this or is there something ‘better’ to do?’), being angry about prices (there are rare moments being happy about them) – all of this is part of preparing your trips.

To minimize this outlay for you (if you’re not keen on doing research yourselves) we picked a few blogs, which helped us planning our trip and influenced our decisions with really pretty pictures.

German Blogs (if you don’t understand German, you can still enjoy the pictures!)

I think nobody is surprised why we chose ‘Planetbackback’ for this list. Conni’s information is helpful and clearly shown. The pictures are good as well. We totally recommend her page.

Another page with useful info and good pics. In general, we’re fans of itineraries and you’ll find one on this page.

This was our favourite for this journey. Like the other pages: good pictures, good information. Difference: It’s the best structured post. We highly recommend this one!

English/ American Blogs about Mexico/ Belize/ Guatemala

There is not so much information to find here, but Kiersten sums up the highlights of the Yucatan Peninsula perfectly and especially her pictures from Isla Holbox are insane.

Despite the good information and the really good pictures and videos, we like Matt’s likable way of writing.

This has nothing to do with Mexico but while we’re at it: We really like this post, so here you’re welcome.

Nomadic Matt can probably tell you anything about any country in this world. And if not, it would still not be a waste of time looking at his page. Definitely.

Post about Mexico!

Post about Guatemala!

Post about Belize!

These two guys made a really good post about Tikal in Guatemala. Plus, they have amazing videos. Look at their page. It’s awesome.

Good information on Tikal and Flores. And Belize. The pictures are amazing. And just in general: awesome blog!

Post about Guatemala!

Post about Belize!

Have you been to one of those three countries? What are your recommendations?

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