Alsace – Reasonable reasons for this region!

If you were in Alsace once, you understand why French and Germans fought about this region for centuries.

If it’s up to wine, everything else is meaningless. Already in times of the Romans, wine was grown here.

Alsace, France

Anyone who doesn’t like wine (really?), is allowed to stop reading now. In the following we praise the wine! Not only, but among other things.

We definitely recommend going there by car. You are just more flexible. And if you think of going there while being on a diet? Forget it!

Alsace, France

I used to think of trips to wine regions as perfect for old people, who want to travel slowly and relax. Now I know, this is partly true. We shouldn’t leave Alsace to ‘the Old’ without fighting. We can enjoy as good as them.

In the following there are seven reasons, why travelling to Alsace is worth a recommendation:

  1. Vineyards: Who doesn’t want to enjoy the beautiful landscape with vineyards that produce tasty wines? To be serious: Who doesn’t like vineyards?
  2. Wine: We were filling our stocks there. Again, it’s good to have a car. The region’s vines are high class. Here you can buy them relatively cheap.
  3. Cheese, sausages and cookies: Again we filled our stocks. If I were allowed to say only one positive thing about France, this would be it. We were shopping in the local Hypermarchés and not in delicatessen stores. They are much more expensive and it was tasty enough.
  4. Restaurants and ‘Winstub’s: Alsace is known for its culinary highlights. You can eat here with all budgets. Of course you should try ‘Tarte flambée’. But don’t be afraid of hearty food, it’s also delicious.
  5. Stunning cities: From Colmar to Strasbourg, we were enthusiastic about all cities. Half-timbered houses are everywhere – and flowers are very popular.
  6. The region’s language: Strange and entertaining at the same time. Sometimes it sounds like a mixture of French and German.
  7. Ease: At least outside of Colmar, Riquewihr and Strasbourg! There are not so many tourists here. At least no busses spitting them out. It’s possible to relax here. One of these calm, tourist free places is Kientzheim.

In case we find even more reasons, we will expand the list. But actually this is quite a lot.

Alsace, France

Alsace, France

I’m writing this post, because there are places in this world which aren’t being hyped but would be worth a hype. Alsace is one of them. I just can’t believe why almost no young people visit Alsace, although it’s so beautiful.

We don’t care. More wine is left for us! Santé!

  1. Katy

    Great post and beautiful pictures! I’ll be going to the Alsace region this summer, can’t wait!

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