Dushi Curaçao – best spontanous decision ever!

Porto Mari Beach, Curaçao

This island is amazingly beautiful! The name of the island itself sounds so dreamy – Curaçao…

It would be just too bad only lying at one of the beaches. But first, how did we come to that trip:

For September 2014, we planned a trip to Greece including Athens, Mykonos and Santorin. Planning this trip came out to be more complicated than expected and we just lost interest.

Jan Thiel Beach, Curaçao

Expect the unexpected

At the same time, we saw an offer on holidaypirates to Curaçao. There were offers like these in the following months, too. Great!

The Air Berlin flight was very cheap. We searched for an accommodation ourselves, as we didn’t like the suggested one (to far from the center). Hiring a rental car was the next step: easy and cheap.

It was difficult to find a Curaçao guide book. As the island is really small and just couldn’t fill a whole book. Some Carribean guides include one or two pages to this island, but that’s it.

This is how an actual trip to Greece became a spontanous trip to Curaçao.

Friends and family thought, the ten hour flight is not worth for only one week.

Grote Knip, Curaçao

One week in the Caribbean – Better than no Caribbean

The result: It is worth it! For us, it was no problem seeing all in one week and enjoying the beaches at the same time. As we’re both not very keen on lying on the beach all the time, a few days were totally sufficient.

But for this, you definitely have to have a rental car here. There are busses driving to all the beaches, but it all takes more time and is a bit exhausting in the heat. And you’re not able to see places off the beaten path.

What we didn’t do: Making a boat trip to Klein (little) Curaçao! For two reasons: First Jan had a really bad sunburn on the second day and the small island offers zero shadow places. But most of all, we were too lazy. Curaçao itself has so many overwhelmingly beautiful beaches, that we just didn’t feel like making the trip.

Porto Mari Beach, Curaçao

From other people, we heard it was worth it. During our stay, prices for the boat trip were around 70-100€ each, depending on if it’s a half day tour with a speedboat or full day tour. And: The tours are not possible every day. Just inform yourself at the beginning of your trip.

What we also didn’t do: Going to the aquarium – we were just not interested. We’re both not diving, so we can only tell you about snorkeling!

And it was way to hot to hike up the Christoffelberg, even if the ‘mountain’ is not that high (maybe we would have, if we had better shoes with us).

Embarassing: We forgot to see one beautiful part of the city: Scharloo. Don’t miss the colourful houses there. It was definitely not our last time in beautiful Curaçao.

This video sums up our impressions of the island:

Conclusion: If somebody tells you travelling is not worth the effort, don’t listen to them. It’s always worth it!



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