Swimming Pigs, Nurse Sharks, Iguanas – a day trip along the Exuma Cays!

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The most ‘exhausting’ but also the most amazing thing we did on the Exumas was this boat trip. Well, exhausting actually just because of the wind that’s hissing around your ears while riding on the boat. We felt quite dizzy … Continued

‘Heaven is a place on earth!’ – Top 5 Beaches in Curaçao!

‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans!’ When realizing our plan going to the Greek Islands is not going to happen, we heard God laughing really loud at us. So we decided not tell him … Continued

Topes de Collantes, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos: A perfect day trip from Trinidad!

We booked this trip at a state-owned tourist travel agency. Taxi driver, guide and lunch for 70 CUC. We told at the agency, where we wanted to head and they organized it. It wasn’t very cheap, but the flexibility, the … Continued

Crossing Cuba in vintage cars – An amazing travel experience!

White beaches, turquoise sea, countless palm trees, cigars, rum and music! Who doesn’t dream of visiting Cuba some day? Discovering the wonderful island of Cuba by old-timers is actually the best way to do it and an amazing travel experience. … Continued