Grüezi, beautiful Switzerland – We don’t need your Autobahn!

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Near Grimselsee, Switzerland

We made our way to Provence by car, driving through beautiful and very expensive Switzerland. The country appears frequently on the Top Lists of the most expensive countries in the world. Because of that and a lack of time, we decided not to stay overnight in Switzerland.

So how do you organize the long trip from Regensburg, Bavaria to France passing Switzerland the best and most comfy way?

Lungernsee, Switzerland

First: You enjoy Switzerland’s beautiful mountains from the Grimsel- and Furkapass. Secondly: You avoid the Swiss autobahn and save 50 Francs. Disadvantage: It takes eight hours instead of five. But the trip offers you a lot!

Cathedral of Ulm and the Blautopf


Well, it doesn’t really fit, but on our way to the Rhine Falls, we made a detour to Ulm and the Blautopf.

As it was a rainy day, we had to make our stay in Ulm short just having a glimpse to the cathedral, which was built from 1377 on.

With 161.53 meter it’s the world’s tallest church tower, which makes it worth a short detour.

Blautopf, Germany

The Blautopf is located 16km western from Ulm. The river Blau has its source here, flowing into the Danuba in Ulm.

Blautopf, Germany

Though the weather was disgusting, the Blautopf was showing its best. Why is the Blautopf called Blautopf? Look at the pictures!

Blautopf. Germany

It’s one of the biggest carstic springs in Germany. Depending on the exposure to light, it changes its colour.

Blautopf, Germany

Personally, I’m a huge fan of legends and myths. If you have some German skills, you can read the one from the Schöne Lau here. Otherwise google it!

Die Schöne Lau, Blautopf, Germany

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

It’s one of the Tourist Hotspots in Switzerland. And in our opinion, the place in Europe with the highest concentration of burkas. Switzerland’s fresh air was polluted by the enormous smell of Chanel! Just by the way, you know?

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

The Rhine Falls are the second biggest waterfalls in Europe and are located in the canton Schaffhausen, on the border to Germany. It’s 23 meters tall and 150 meters large. Parking costs 6€ for two hours, otherwise entry is free.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

There are viewpoints and possibilities coming very close to the falls by ship. But indeed, you get wet and we’re made of sugar. The actual reasons not to do it were the price and the not so perfect weather. Furthermore, you get quite close to it by foot, too. You can get more information from their homepage.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

And if you’re feeling hungry: The restaurants and bars around the Rhine Falls are quite cheap for Switzerland.

Good to know for people coming from Euroland: They accept Euros.

Overnight stay in Breitenfeld

We stayed overnight in Breitenfeld, Baden, a very unimportant idyllic place we found on airbnb.

BUT: There is a great restaurant. Family Knöpfle (typical name for the area- we love it) offers at Landgasthof Hirschen very delicious southern Badenian food. Everything served in their dialect, which was not always easy to understand for us. The waitress’ ruthless nature was familiar to us, as we’re from Bavaria.

It wasn’t very cheap for us, but for the Swiss. They love coming here and enjoying an affordable meal. The restaurant is recommended by Michelin and more important: by us!

Lake Lungern

Lungernsee, Switzerland

The next day, our gps system lead us through Lucerne (very beautiful) and from here passing the Brünig Pass to a place with a wonderful view over Lake Lungern. Lot of Tourists here. You won’t feel lonely.

Grimsel Pass and Grimsel Lake

Grimsel Pass, Switzerland

We made a lot of beautiful and surreal looking pictures here. Convince yourself!

Grimselsee, Switzerland

The Grimsel Pass connects the Berner Oberland with the Wallis. The Grimsel Lake is a barrier lake. It has this colour due to glacier and snowmelt.

Grimselsee, Switzerland

Grimselsee, Switzerland

Grimselsee, Switzerland

There is a viewpoint on the top of it, providing an amazing look at the whole area. And if you think, we’re getting paid by making ads for Swiss Kräuterbonbonlis, you’re wrong. It’s just that beautiful!

Lake next to viewpoint of Grimselsee, Switzerland

Furka Pass

Furka Pass, Switzerland

The Furka Pass overwhelms with a beautiful mountain view, lined up by long roads. We weren’t on the highest point of the pass. What we couldn’t see: Marmots. Sometimes they appear and let you take pictures of themselves. Unfortunately, not on this day. The Furka Pass is famous for its marmots.


Goms, Wallis, Switzerland

Of course, I did not go over that ‘bridge’. I’m totally scared of heights and would immediately pee in my pants. Furthermore it wiggles. I also forbid Jan to walk over it. Period!

Where that place is: Goms, Oberwallis. Just people with a dead wish walk over that bridge.

Wallis. Switzerland

We knew, Switzerland was producing wine, but not having as many vineyards as here in the Wallis.

Wallis. Switzerland

The wine here is a bit expensive, but enjoys a good reputation.

Wallis, Switzerland

Wallis, Switzerland

Chamonix and Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc, French Alps, France

After two more passes, we finally arrived in the French Alps. From a distance, a mighty Massive de Mont Blanc smiled at us. We drove through Chamonix, a famous, spruced and expensive winter sport city.

Mont Blanc, French Alps, France

Despite it was summer, the place was really crowded. You can spot Mont Blanc and its glacier tongue from everywhere in the city. If we would have had the money and the time, we had stayed here a little bit longer.

Mont Blanc, French Alps, France

After a very long and exhausting ride, we arrived in Annecy in the late afternoon.

Beautiful Siwtzerland – we’ll definitely come back – especially when you become cheaper.

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