Itinerary for 1 week in Lofoten & Vesterålen!

Reine, Lofoten, Norway

Et voilá, here’s the itinerary for our most recent trip. Lofoten and Vesterålen seem to be made for a great road trip. Streets are in a great condition and navigation is quite simple: follow the E 10 from the mainland to the very end of the Lofoten islands. Here and there, there are side roads to secluded beaches or villages and that’s it. It’s similar in Vesterålen.

Go slow!

Distances are seldom great in the area. But still, you will need some time to travel, because the roads are winding and countless bridges and tunnels will be on your way. Furthermore, there is a general speed limit of 90 km/h in Norway. But to be frank, it didn’t bother at all, because the landscape is so amazing, I enjoyed going slow.

Especially in Vesterålen, there are road signs everywhere, warning you against moose. After an accident with one of them (they can become as large as 2 meters) your card would be a write-off. Well. we went slow but also didn’t see one single elk.

Fredvang, Lofoten, Norway

September – best time to travel for us

When doing research, you might seldom find September as a recommendation for the best time to go to Northern Norway. And, of course, it depends on what you want to see. You won’t see snowy winter landscapes before December and the midnight sun is only visible in June and July.

But for us September was just perfect: we had a couple of days of great late summer weather, with temperatures of 18°C. As sunset is between 8 and 9 pm, it was dark enough to see Northern Lights by 11pm the latest. And it wasn’t too cold in the nights, too. Furthermore, we saw lots of whales and dolphins in Andenes.

Andøya, Vesterålen, Norway

Accommodation in Lofoten & Vesterålen

Hereafter, our itinerary and our accommodation. In general, Norway is one of the most expensive countries to travel in. But in low season in September, lots of places were surprisingly affordable.

Only Moskenes was still really expensive. We used and Airbnb and liked all of our places a lot. We had self-catering possibilities everywhere. This is important if you don’t want to return as poor fellows.

Data by OpenStreetMap.

1. und 5.: Evenes Airport Harstad-Narvik

As our flight arrived lated and departed early, we booked an accommodation close to the airport each time. We chose Yellow House and Blue House. Both were great rooms with very nice hosts.

Sørvagen. Lofoten, Norway

2. Moskenes

We chose Sakrisøy Hostel & Guesthouse here. It’s close to Reine with a terrific scenery and we had one of the deluxe rooms in the lower floor. it was amazing! And as everything in the area is expensive it seemed ok to us. We spent two nights here.

Sakrisøy. Lofoten, Norway

3. Vestvågøy

Close to Ballstad, we booked a room for three nights in Villa Ballstad. It’s a great white house with views over Ballstad and the nearby mountains. It’s close to Haukland Beach and perfect for a hike on Offersøykammen.

Ballstad, Lofoten, Norway

4. Andøya

We spent one night in Nord Fish Appartment. Large rooms with en-suite bathroom and very affordable for Norway. Bleik and Andenes (for the whale watching) are just around the corner. As the area is sparsely populated, it’s perfect to enjoy the Northern Lights. We would have loved to stay longer here.

Whale Watching, Vesterålen, Norway

Whale Watching, Vesterålen, Norway

Bleik, Vesterålen, Norway

What are your experiences? Did you choose a different itinerary? If you have any questions, just ask us!

Vesterålen, Norway

4 Responses

  1. Hayati

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and detailed insights.

    We (family of 5) are planning to visit both islands in a week next month.
    I read that November is not an ideal time to go but we shall accept what comes.

    We are still searching through airbnb and on where best to stay within our budget.
    Your itinerary and insight is a great help.

    Thank you again.

    • Jan

      Hi Hayati,
      Have fun and enjoy the time. I hope it will be a great experience. You can always be lucky regarding the weather 🙂

  2. Ronald

    Hi Jan and Burcu,

    Thanks for the great sharing of your itineraries.

    We will be visiting Lofoten in mid April 2019.

    Hopefully, the weather will be similar to your trip. And Northern Lights too..

    Sam TW / Singapore

    • Jan

      Hi Sam,
      glad you liked our itinerary.
      Yes, we hope you will be lucky with the weather and Northern Lights, wish you all the best.
      Enjoy the trip!

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