Itinerary for western Cuba in 2 weeks!

In March 2013 we spent two and a half weeks on Cuba. We quickly realized, that time would allow to see the western part. The most famous and many of the most beautiful places in Cuba can be covered by this itinerary stressles, though.

Capitolio - Havana, Cuba

We travelled indiviudally as backpackers; the infrastructure is available, but it’s not as easy as in Thailand for example. With some Spanish skills and by doing research before, it’s no problem to reach any point in Cuba by taxi, vintage car, bus or even plane.

In the beginning and in the end we spent some days in the Capital Havana: To acclimatize in the beginning and for some sightseeing and for our return flight in the end.

Varadero, Cuba

Of course, we wanted to have enough time to relax on the beach: 4 nights in Varadero with its paradise beach were enough for that.

Our itinerary in detail:

1. Arriving in Havana:

We reserved for two nights from home. The Casa Particular’s landlady was lovely! Havana is really exhaustin. That’s why we immediately asked how to come to the west.

2. Viñales:

By taking a vintage taxi, we went west stylish yet a bit expensive. We had reserved Casa Porry also in advance. We really liked it. We spent two nights again, before taking a taxi to central Cuba. This time a 20 years old Mercedes.

3. Trinidad:

The first time we chose our accomodation spontaneously and we were lucky: the first recommendation from our guide book was fantastic. A large room in an old colonial house perfectly located in the centre.

From here we made a day trip to Topes de Collantes, Santa Clara and Cienfuegos, passing by Sierra de Escambray. And another one to Valle de los Ingenios and Playa Ancón. After 4 nights, we took the state bus to Varadero. (less comfortable, slowlier, but cheaper)

4. Varadero:

We had reserved this great Casa Particular by telephone from Trinidad. It was directly next to the beach, that seems to be paradise. The room’s balcony was just amazing. We spent four nights here and got really relaxed. Back to Havana, we took the taxi again, because after some bargaining, we payed only a bit more than for two bus tickets.

5. Havana:

We called the evening before we left Varadero and booked this so called room. Room had the size of a jail room and the bathroom was supposed to be used only by us. Well, the whole family used it. What wouldn’t be so bad after all, if they would have removed their pee from the toilet lid. Burcu was yelling at them in her not so very good spanish, as they were way too loud (not the cool fiesta style).

Early on Sunday we woke the family and wanted our money for the further nights back. After discussing some minutes and mentioning the tourist police, it worked and we left the house as quickly as possible.

We went back to our first accomodation. She didn’t have a vacant room, but recommend a lovely old couple. When we arrived there, we immediately felt home away from home. A wonderful Casa Particular in a perfect location with lovely grandparents. After two further nights we took the flight back to Germany.

Routenvorschlag West-Kuba in 2 Wochen

Data by OpenStreetMap

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