Itinerary for one week in the northwest of France – Brittany and the Loire Valley!

Ploumanac'h, Brittany, France

As you seem to like the posts with our itineraries, here’s the latest one of our trip full of French clichés: delicious food and great wines, castles, idyllic landscapes and rough coast. The north-west of France is just perfect for a road trip. On top, there are no road tolls in Brittany; in the rest of France, they are extremely expensive!

Our itinerary includes the following accommodations:

Château de l'Islette, Loire Valley, France

1. Château de Nazé near Saumur

An amazing small castle near the town of Saumur: Château de Nazé. From here, we visited the castles of Chambord, Chenonceau and l’Islette. Furthermore the winery Château de Cheintres and, of course, Saumur.

Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, France

2. Au bon Acceuil close to Mont-Saint-Michel

We spent one night near Mont-Saint-Michel and visited it in the afternoon and again for sunset. Our accommodation, Au Bon Acceuil, is a nice old house; the rooms were quite small but perfect for spending just one night.

On our way to Southern Brittany, we visited Cap Fréhel and Fort la Latte and later the Pink Granite Coast in Ploumanac’h.

Pont-Aven, Brittany, France

3. Manoir de Kerangosquer near Pont-Aven

What a great accommodation: Manoir de Kerangosquer is an old manor in southern Finistère near Pont-Aven. It’s located in a huge, beautiful park. The adjoining buildings were renovated and house modern and large rooms.

From here, we visited Pointe de Pen-Hir, Concarneau, Belon (including Oyster Tasting), Port Menac’h, Kerdruc and, of course, Pont-Aven.

Pointe de Penhir, Brittany, France

4. Atlantys Hotel Zenith in Nantes

Before we had to fly back, we spent one night in Nantes. The Atlantys Hotel Zenith is a modern hotel in the suburbs of Nantes. Great value for money! Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to visit Nantes…well, next time!

Datea by OpenStreetMap.

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