New York, New York- A tribute to the Greatest City on Earth!

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Recently I was reading that 48 millions of visitors came to New York in 2014. This year, the number is going to be similar. I’m sure about that.

New York, USA

By March we finally saw the city with our own eyes. Jan was living in New York for two months in 2010 doing an internship, so I had my private city guide.

Why I’m so sure about this year’s number of visitors? It was crowded despite the cold and often very high prizes. Being on Top of the Rock, 90% of visitors were German (at least we thought so).

Of course, New York’s a great city. But for many Germans it seems, New York is for a city trip what Mallorca is for party holidays! Always grumpy Germans really annoy us! We are never grumpy, that’s for sure!

New York, USA

Of course, there were not only Germans. Movies, TV series, songs, books, poems and stories about this city are famous worldwide and so the world visits New York.

The city’s amazing. It’s enormous, it’s deeply impressing and offers everything you can imagine. And sometimes you get lost and find places, women would call ‘so cute’.

New York, USA

Maybe, visitors from São Paulo or Shanghai are not as impressed as a smalltown girl from Bavaria. On the other hand, due to city trips and my time in Frankfurt, I know a few big cities. Nothing compares to New York (so far).

It definitely wasn’t our last trip to New York. I would love to dedicate a love song to this city; due to a lack of creativity and because it’s just embarrassing, I’m better not doing it.

Thank god, there are more than enough tributes to New York. Who doesn’t believe me and needs to be convinced: Trust Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z and many, many more. (The list is endless!)

Instead of a love song, we dedicated New York a ‘love video’. Hope, you enjoy it!!!

New York, USA

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