Our Top 5 in Scandinavia!

Kirkjufell, Snaefellsness, Iceland

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland. Even if the last two ones officially don’t belong to it, according to the motto Northern Europe = Scandinavia we see them as part of it.

For a long time we had not travelled to Northern Europe, but we made up for it this year. Iceland, Denmark (for the second time) and Norway were on our list for 2016.

It wasn’t easy with all the great places and landscapes to decide which are our top five. Well, we rely on our feelings and present you this list with places we are sure you would like, too.

Snaefellsness, Iceland

Snaefellsness, Iceland

We actually can’t tell why we loved this place so much. It may be the light and this combination of winter wonder land, sun and the wild.

Snaefellsness is a peninsula in Western Iceland and unites all kinds of landscapes, Iceland has to offer. Therefore it is often called ‘Iceland in miniature’.

Despite the great landscapes only few travellers make it here and you can have this place for your own, at least in winter.

Grenen, Skagen, Denmark

Grenen, Denmark

Grenen near Skagen is Denmark’s northernmost point. At first sight, there isn’t happening anything there. But if you look close, you can see the point where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet.

Whatever is responsible for the amazing colours and the magic light, it attracted many artists for a reason and everyone can understand why it’s so popular. Bathing is not allowed here as the current is too dangerous.

Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen, Norway

We said it once, we only hike with a goal and there are only few better places than Preikestolen. The view is fantastic, even with bad weather.

The hike up is partly really difficult. You should definitely bring hiking shoes with you. Furthermore we would recommend you to come before noon as later busses spit out tons of tourists.

Maybe Preikestolen made it to this list because I managed the hike at all. *laughing out loud*

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland


We really don’t have time to define the best. They are all beautiful, mighty and at least in Iceland and Norway, they are to find everywhere.

It was amazing to see Seljalandsfoss (Iceland) at night and illuminated. Seeing the gigantic Vøringsfossen (Norway) thundering down the deep gorge made my knees shake – which is also an experience. But wandering in Husedalen (Norway) and enjoying the view of great waterfalls is worth the effort.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

City of the beautiful, blonde and stylish people; city of the coffee with free refill and city of the coolness I can feel it from Germany – there are many reasons to travel to Stockholm. It’s perfect for a weekend or city trip.

I haven’t been to Stockholm yet, but Jan was and he is so endlessly excited of this city that we had to put it on the list. I didn’t even know that he liked it this much. This means for me, we have to travel to Stockholm very soon together.

Do you like our list? What are your favourite Scandinavian places?



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