Our restaurant recommendations for the Algarve!

Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal

This post is our first restaurant review! So please be indulgent with us. As it is about food, we loved to write this one.

Usually we just stroll around and decide spontaneously where to eat. This time, we planned some of our visits and thank God, we could remember the names of these three fabulous restaurants. All of different price ranges.

Praia da Rocha, Algarve, Portugal

Convenient Algarve

To start with, we are happy that even kind of high-class restaurants are not really expensive in the Algarve region. Of course, this depends on the point of view. But there are surely more expansive places on earth. Just like the rest of Southern Europe, the Algarve may have its high and low season menus, though we’re not sure about that.

We rated the restaurants regarding location, prices, service and of course taste. We enjoyed delicious fish-and seafood dishes, which are typically for the Algarve

As we were always a large group, there are several people who can confirm our experiences.

Adega Típica A Forja, Lagos, Portugal

Restaurante A Forja in Lagos

Hardly anyone might think there’s such a good restaurant in the heart of touristy Lagos. We can only recommend you to make a reservation or come early, as people stand in a queue outside the restaurant latest by around seven o’clock. A Forja is not only popular among tourists but also locals.

The A Forja is a relaxed Portuguese tavern with incredibly friendly and patient service stuff. It’s a family run business and the atmosphere is totally pleasant and relaxed. Prices are unbeatably convenient regarding the quality and amount of the food that’s offered.

Adega Típica A Forja, Lagos, Portugal

A few years ago, Jan and I were here for the first time and years later we still had dreams about the food here. This time again, we weren’t disappointed. The fish is freshly bought from the market and the perfectly seasoned butter sauce intensifies the flavour.

The house wine is delicious and ridicolously cheap. So are the desserts.

100% recommendation for this place!

Rei das Praias, Ferragudo, Algarve, Portugal

Rei das Praias in Ferragudo

A restaurant located at the Praia do Ferragudo. It’s surrounded by great views from three sides. You might have a view to the beach or be surrounded by large cliffs. At sunset, this is a very romantic spot.

Generally, German or English speaking guests were in the majority. The service stuff was friendly and the restaurant well visited. You should definitely make a reservation here before you come. Especially, when you’re coming in a larger group.

Rei das Praias, Ferragudo, Algarve, Portugal

Jan’s brother chose the restaurant, because it’s said to be famous for its Arroz the Marisco. At first I was like: Ok, expensive Paella. Great. But it was perfectly seasoned and they weren’t stingy with seafood. It’s said that gourmet chefs from Germany come here only to eat this dish.

Four of us enjoyed the Arroz de Marisco and all of us were enthusiastic about it. The others had ‘normal’ fish dishes like Red Snapper and were also very pleased with it. The wine wasn’t too expensive and very good. They had a extensive wine menu.

Again, this is a restaurant, we can recommend with clear conscience.

Fortaleza da Luz, Luz, Algarve, Portugal

Fortaleza da Luz in Luz

Fortaleza da Luz wasn’t just a place, we were randomly eating. We chose this restaurant for our wedding and it was one of the best decisions ever. But we’ll talk about the wedding in a different post.

The Fortaleza is a high-class restaurant. Well, of course this is relative. A comparable restaurant in Germany is far more expensive than one at the Algarve. Portugal is just too relaxed for this stuff.

The service stuff were super friendly and the guys at the bar are the best anyway. Starters, main courses as well as desserts are extremely delicious and it’s a pleasure for the eye.

While Jan and I indulged in fish dishes, our friends ordered some good meat dishes. Result: Everyone was happy and full and totally pleased with this place.

Though the prices are higher, you get very good value for your money. And we won’t just return, because we could celebrate a fabulous wedding here.

What restaurants at the Algarve can you recommend?



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