Ten reasons why you should travel!

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Koh Chang, Thailand

People are travelling for various reasons: for the job, on holiday, for NGOs, getting to know themselves  or maybe because they just got lost (let’s hope, this doesn’t happen too often).

Basically it’s nonsense telling travel blog readers why they should travel. They are reading those blogs because they are interested in travelling. The reason why I’m doing it nevertheless, is: I’m constantly being asked by friends and family, if I haven’t seen enough of the world and settle down.

The answer is – of course – NO. Probably it’s never going to stop. That’s why I started thinking about it. I’m travelling, because…

1. It’s fun

We (first-world-kids) are living in the luxurious situation, to be able to decide, what we want to spend our money on. And to be honest, after paying the most important things, the rest is spent on things that are fun. And travelling is definitely fun!

2. You can learn a lot

Anyone who is interested in an easy possibility, to get to know more about the world and its people should travel. Of course you can watch documentaries on TV (which I also like to do); but getting insight into the real situation in a country, talking to locals, eating local specialties and being able to say afterwards ‘I knew it, the documentary wasn’t right’ – Priceless!

3. Good investment

Travelling is an investment in stories and memories. When was the last time you were talking to friends and the conversation started with “Do you remember last time, when I was buying the 10th pair of black shoes?” – Not that I would remember! Instead “Do you remember our time in Portugal…?” Those conversations (often accompanied by wine) make me very happy.

Brela Rock, Dalmatia, Croatia

4. Fulfillment

This might sound kitshy and is maybe the reason, why you close this tab. Travelling can fulfill me. I can’t even explain what fulfillment ist exactly, but I think, this is what is just happening to me.

5. Being different

We are all taking part in others’ lifes. We are a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, an employee, a student, a trainee, or a pupil. When travelling you have the chance of leaving those roles behind – if you like. Especially solo-travellers can try being different and find out, what the own life would look like elsewhere. Often it’s the cause for major changes.

6. Do it, do not wait for it

Travelling is good against stagnancy – though it might be temporary 😉

7. Distance

It’s often easier to think about things away from home. Of course I’m not thinking all the time how great the world is and that travelling is good against AIDS. But sometimes you make your best decisions if you change your perspective. It helps looking in new directions and thinking about new options.

Sylt, Germany

8. Time

Doesn’t matter if you travel alone, as a couple or in groups. You can spend time with yourself or have a great time with others. Of course it’s possible not having a great time. But then you chose the wrong travel partner and you can also learn from this experience.

9. Travelling as a legal drug

You will get addicted to travelling. Good news: Travelling is legal for people in most countries and will even be supported by tourist agencies.

10. Re-appreciate, what you already have

Some people use travelling as a flight from reality. It’s not wrong, but fact is: In many (especially poorer) countries and regions, you will realize how nice it is to be back home and our first-world-problems seem to disappear. You can see friends and family from a different perspective and enjoy spending time with them even more.

So the question in the end is: Why are you traveling? We’re looking forward for comments as we wish to make this list longer!



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