„Hey dude, where’s my wallet?“ Burglary on holiday!

You were robbed? Or you are afraid o fit? Perfect! We have hints for you, to make this wonderful situation as comfortable as possible. I don’t know anyone, not having been robbed some time.

During our trip to Lisbon, the wallet of one member of our group was stolen. Of course, including national ID card, credit card and so on…It would have been boring without. First it was a shock, of course.

Lisbon, Portugal

Of course, it happened on the first day, perfect! Our guess: In the crowded Tram, some pilferer found the wallet just irrestistible. Claustrophobic situations will definitely be accompanied by paranoia in the future.

After looking for the wallet at every possible place, we were down. Thanks to the internet, we found the tourist police. For those who are interested: In Lisbon it is near Rossio train station. The police men were friendly, helpful and could speak English.

Several ‚victims‘ already were there. Some cried heartbreakingly. Maybe they lost even more than just money. You might say: Why did you take that with you? Fact is: We are all just humans, and sometimes shit happens!

Lisbon, Portugal

The more you travel, the more careless you get. Thanks to god, such things don’t happen often. Question is, what to consider and how to prepare for those situations:

1. Make a copy of your ID card/passport and put it inside your luggage

Furthermore: Scan it and send it to yourself by email. So you can print it out anywhere in the world.

The Problem is: Although inside the EU, many airlines are very strict. Besides a confirmation by the police, they expect a further document. Copies are accepted in exceptional cases.

But basically they expect a document by the embassy. On holiday (for instance easter, on weekends, or the easter weekend), embassies are often closed, and the emergency contact is really only an emergency contact. We were lucky, and a really nice member of the embassy organized the document despite his free day. Thanks to him, again!

Lisbon, Portugal

2. Don’t take too much cash with you, as there are ATMs everywhere

You should have a credit card. Preferrably one, with which you can draw money at no costs worldwide. In Germany, we an recommend DKB and comdirect.

3. Keep you cash not only in your wallet

Spread it to different places and keep it in sight.

Lisbon, Portugal

4. Of course, that’s true for other valuables, too

Keep your cameras, backpacks and so on with you!

5. Write down your credit card/bank card’s numbers and send them to yourself by email

In emergency you can block your cards easily.
Same for most important telephone numbers. I can’t even remember my own cell phone number.

Believe us: It’s worth the effort, to save nerves and time in case you need it.

Lisbon, Portugal

We hope you never come in that situation, but just in case. We´re looking forward to hear from your experiences!



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