Thailand’s islands and beaches!

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Ko Chang Marine Park, Ko Chang, Thailand

It’s cold and New Year’s Eve is over. And at least in Frankfurt, it doesn’t look like snow is coming. We don’t like those grey days. If you have the time and the money, you can fly away. To a place far away! Or you can daydream of better days.

Like us now. How awesome our time was when we packed our stuff and left winter in Germany for an amazing time in Thailand. We travelled there twice, two winters in a row.

If you want to daydream with us and want to find some inspiration for your next travels, you’re right. Here are our Top Beaches for Thailand!

Kai Bae Beach, Ko Chang, Thailand

Ko Chang (Kai Bae Beach)

Ko Chang (the Elephant island) was our favourite. The beaches were clean and it was never overcrowded. It’s located in the south east of the Gulf of Thailand near the Cambodian borders. In Trat, you can take the ferry there.

The sunsets in the evening were spectacular. Especially Kai Bae Beach made us fall in love with the island. It’s our favourite beach there. Ko Chang’s little neighbour islands were also really beautiful. More about Ko Chang here!

Ko Wai, Ko Chang, Thailand

Ko Wai

A little neighbour island of Ko Chang just like out of a picture book. The island is still a hidden gem, as you cannot do much more than relaxing and snorkelling. You can reach Ko Wai from Trat or from Ko Chang!

Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand


Krabi is the perfect starting point for your day trips in the surrounding. Besides the beautiful Andaman Islands, you can visit the Emerald Pool, the Hot Springs and Tiger Cave (Wat Tham Sueua) which are near Krabi.

The boats start from Ao Nang Beach, 15 km from Krabi. There are really many tourists here in the mornings and in the afternoon. The other times of the day, you can spend a good time here. Because of all the boats you first have to look for some place to swim, though.

Krabi itself has a perfect infrastructure. Backpackers don’t come here anymore. At least most of them. Mass tourism is everywhere here. Nevertheless the night market (we’re fans of night markets) was fantastic. A lot of good food for good prices.

Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Ko Phi Phi

Dear Lord, this place is way too overcrowded, especially Maya Bay. It became famous thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio and the movie ‘The beach’. It really is a beautiful place but it was crazy.

Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

We didn’t stay overnight here and we also wouldn’t do that any other time. The island (actually two islands) is expensive and there’s a lot of trash lying around.

Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

It’s good for a day trip, but that’s enough.

Bamboo Island, Thailand

Bamboo Island

This island is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

Bamboo Island, Thailand

Bamboo Island, Thailand

Crystal clear water, powder beach and thanks to a lack of infrastructure there are not many people here.

Bamboo Island, Thailand

Bamboo Island, Thailand

We made a boat trip from Krabi. It’s a little neighbour island of Ko Phi Phi. We will never forget Bamboo Island!

Rai Leh, Thailand

Rai Leh Beach

You can reach this beach via Ao Nang and you will meet young people with a preference to party here. During the day, this species tries it’s very best to get sunburned while the night is there for getting drunk!

Rai Leh, Thailand

You can also go rock climbing here. Near Rai Leh Beach, you can also enjoy Tonsai Beach.

4 Islands Tour: Phra Nang Beach, Ko Tup, Chicken Island and Ko Poda

Everyone being in Krabi does this boat tour at least once: The 4 Island Boat Tour. The cost for this tour depends on whether you book a tour with a Speedboat or a Longtailboat.

We recommend you to take the speedboat from Krabi, if you want to visit Ko Phi Phi as it otherwise would take too much time. For the 4 Island Tour, the Longtailboat is better, as you can take pictures during the trip and it’s cheaper.

Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Phra Nang Beach

Strictly speaking this is not an island. Because this is Ao Nang Beach. It’s a beautiful one, but there are way too much boats and day trip tourists there to enjoy the beach.

Tup Island, Thailand

Tup Island

This island was great. During low tide it’s connected with an offshore island. Snorkelling is possible here, but not spectacular.

If you’re not attentive enough, flood will surprise you and you should run and try save your beach towels. We know what we’re talking about!

Chicken Island, Thailand

Chicken Island

This one’s next to Tup Island. During this tour, the boats make a break here and you can snorkel for a while, unfortunately, it’s not spectacular. But the form of the island is. Its name derives from the rocky chicken head that you will recognize from the beginning.

Ko Poda, Thailand

Ko Poda

It’s great for a sunbath. The rock in the sea is really photogenic and the apes on the island made Ko Poda our favourite one of the 4 Island Tour.

Ko Mook, Thailand

Ko Mook

It’s a really beautiful island and the beach was perfect. But actually, we wanted to make a trip to Ko Lipe.

Ko Mook, Thailand

Ko Mook, Thailand

Unfortunately it was not possible as Thailand and its neighbour region were plagued by the first monsoon in March for 60 years. Therefore, the sea was a bit rough and mosquitoes refreshed themselves on us. There are only two hotels on this island, what it makes a really peaceful place!

During both Thailand trips we were on the road for two and a half weeks, which means that we haven’t seen every island and every beach.

Reason enough to make another trip to this beautiful country. Thailand is always a good idea!

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