Things to make your travels easier and more inspirational!

Blagaj tekja, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel maniacs already know: You can make your life a lot more comfy and easier with just a few preparations and thoughts beforehand.

What do you have to keep in mind? I like lists, so here’s another one for you.

Château de Meursault, Burgundy, France

Credit Cards

Yes, there are still people not to have a credit card though they’re easy to get, uncomplicated and available for no charge! For German people: DKB and Comdirect are great options as they offer you to withdraw money all over the world without paying extra fees for any bank in the world. 3-5 € extra fees in countries like in the US, Cuba or Thailand can be very annoying but some banks pay it back to you.

Hotels, Flights or rental car – you will need this card for all of those bookings!

We really cannot believe there are still people not having a credit card.

Orebic, Croatia

Foreign language skills

A bit of English and some basics of the country’s language are totally enough not to become a burden for yourself or someone else. The feeling of being able to communicate in case of an emergency is priceless.

And: How else do you think you will get in touch with local people? Language barriers can ruin a lot of things. They’re horrible to me!

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Blogs and Travel Guides

No one can tell me, he or she is getting on the next plane without having any clue what’s going to happen.

Via google, you’ll find a lot of interesting blogs giving you all kinds of information. Of course, we want you to read our blog every day and only us and stuff blabla. But there are tons of other blogs. You should combine your favourite ones to be well prepared for your travels. Or you can also just watch pics and videos to become motivated for your next destination.

Tegalalang Rice Fields, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Travel guides are very informative and usually not expensive. If they are, you can often buy them second hand a lot cheaper.

They also look great in our bookshelf and from time to time it’s nice to remember what you have done and seen over the past years. Just in case you forgot.

For long term travelling, we would suggest the online versions for kindle as it’s better to carry. It’s just a personal thing, we prefer the book version.

We would recommend you to sign up for the Lonely Planet Newsletter as they have great deals from time to time.

For the German people: We can recommend as they have good deals for travel guides. Of course, not always for the latest versions. But if you’re quick, you can get those you need for your next trip!

Stralsund, Germany

Social Media

Well, I like Instagram and I’m kind of a InstaJunkie. I graze everything I can. Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Pinterest: On the one hand you find inspiration, on the other hand good information. Sometimes you discover places, you won’t find in any travel guide nor your friends have heard about it.

It’s great to see, how many wanderlust people are out there, sharing the same interests and being somewhat of a travel community.

Lac d'Annecy, France

Germany is different when it comes to that topic. Especially in the rural areas. There’s an atmosphere of rejecting social media in general. Everyone’s supposed to have something better to do. Well, we all have! If you could make the stalking rate on Instagram or Facebook public, everyone could see the truth. I cannot understand those type of people and do not want to.

If you don’t consider yourself as one of those, you will find inspiration at some of my favourites on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook:

Beautiful Destinations, Travel and Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, World of Wanderlust, Tuulavintage, Chris Burkhard, National Geographic and many more… Well, I thought I could come up with more but cannot remember the other ones.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Documents and phone numbers

Just write down all phone numbers before you travel and send yourself the document by email. Same for your passport and banc cards. Just in case they’re getting lost, it will be a lot easier for you. Nowadays there’s wifi everywhere so you can have easy access to your documents.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Packing your suitcase right

As mentioned somewhere else, you should only bring what you really need. But also the way you pack is important. Rolling your clothes is actually much better. And: Fill your toiletries in extra bins!

On the one hand, you can take it with you in your hand luggage. On the other hand, you usually don’t use everything during a short weekend trip so you don’t have to prepare it for the next time. Or you just refill it. This way you can take everything you need without getting problems at the airport and you won’t carry too much.

And: You should consider the layer look during your travels. You wear the heaviest and warmest things for your flight. In Germany we call it the ‘Zwiebel-Look’ which means ‘Onion-Look’. This way you’re well equipped and have something with you for all kinds of weather.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


Also mentioned before. And so important! Take out a travel insurance policy for one year. It usually doesn’t cost much. If your health insurance covers the costs, you should still have a closer look. Most of them are not valid worldwide and don’t cover everything.

We also took out travel cancelation insurance for one year which is great when you booked an expensive journey. Just compare it online and you will find the best for your interests and travels. Always have a close look to the details and read them carefully.

We don’t need any further insurances, for example for your luggage. But that’s your own decision!

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland


This is what you really have to care about before as there is no excuse when it’s too late. They will send you back home no matter what you tell them. As a citizen of the European Union it’s easy as most countries are visa free or can be entered with a visa-on-arrival. Means: You only need a passport being valid for the next six months.

When travelling to the USA, you can apply for the ESTA instead of a visa. You can apply online and it’s not so expensive. The only visa Jan had to apply for was for China. Going to the embassy, call on there and coming back to collect it. Annoying but not really a problem.

You should inform yourself on time at the Department of Foreign Affairs of your country.

Porto Mari Beach, Curaçao

For a comfy start

Even if you’re making your trip spontaneously, you should consider booking your first night and transfers from the airport in advance or be at least very good informed. If you’re tired and do not speak the language, they will rip you off easily and you’re trip starts not as you wished. Everything else can easily be made when there.

These points should help you to start your travels comfy and motivated. As you can see, it’s not so much preparation. If we have forgotten something, please tell us!

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