All about a perfect Christmas Market!

Christmas Market, Frankfurt, Germany

As it’s season again, you may have thought about which Christmas Market is worth a visit. In our opinion Christmas Markets are the best thing about winter. Apart from that we don’t see much good about the cold.

The perfect Christmas Market

So what does the perfect Christmas Market look like? Well, for sure it offers you all possibilities of food. There should be the classic ‘Knackersemmel’ (roll with a sausage) as well as the ‘Meterwurst’ (one meter of sausage, really), but also sweets like crêpe and waffles. The more they offer, the better they are.

Paris, France

Furthermore the perfect Christmas Market is perfectly decorated and it’s all about the Christmas spirit. There should be a lot of light chains and just in general a lot of lights. For us there may also be some Rudolphs, Santas and any other US Christmas insanity to top everything.

What definitely shouldn’t be missing at any of them: Glühwein (mulled wine)! There’s no good Christmas Market without Glühwein. In Frankfurt for example, there is more variety than in Bavaria. But it’s already spreading: White Glühwein made of Riesling. According to our experiences, you get drunk much faster with the white Glühwein. But that’s not so important. It tastes good.

Dublin, Ireland

What’s also very important: The more beautiful the location and the surrounding of the Christmas Market, the more beautiful and romantic your experiences will be. A Christmas Market taking place at a castle is so much more beautiful than some standard market in the city. But more to that later!

Plaza de Espana, Madrid, Spain

If you’re visiting a Christmas Market, you usually want to be surrounded by people who are as much excited about all the Christmas insanity as you are. This is why a healthy number of happy people is always welcome. Those only getting drunk and unbearable are welcome to stay at home.

To reach absolute perfection, you need something that only Mother Nature can give you: Snow! At the latest all grumpy people will finally feel the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Market/ Weihnachtsmarkt Guteneck, Germany

Our experiences with Christmas Markets

Those trying to find perfection will probably be more successful in the south of Germany or in Austria. More than in the north or in southern Europe. Snow is much more likely here than anywhere else. Also more likely to stay once it falls down.

Christmas Market, Spitalmarkt, Regensburg, Germany

Popularity worldwide – German Christmas Markets

German Christmas Markets become more and more popular worldwide. From Germany the idea was exported to other parts of the world. Especially Europe’s capital cities have to offer something like a Christmas Market to keep the visitors coming during this time of the year. Until now, we don’t think they can compete with Germany. But that’s just a matter of time.

Our experiences with Christmas Markets in Germany and Europe:

Regensburg, Germany


Born and raised in this beautiful place on earth, it’s no surprise that we know most Christmas Markets here very well. Bavaria and Austria don’t use the term ‘Weihnachtsmarkt’ like the rest of Germany does. Everyone understands what you mean, but here they use the words ‘Christkindlesmarkt’ or ‘Christkindlmarkt’. So don’t be afraid. You’ll find exactly what you’re searching for.

The Romantic Christmas Market

It’s the most romantic and beautiful but also the most expensive Christmas Market in Regensburg: The Romantic Christmas Market in Thurn and Taxis Castle. You have to pay an entrance fee which rises every year. Why? We don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Inside it’s not more or less expensive than anywhere else. Due to the entrance fee it’s not as crowded as it is at the other markets.

Christmas Market, Regensburg, Germany


If you want to meet drunk party folks, you have to come here. In the past years it became a more and more uncomfortable place. This is why we avoid this place if possible. Here you’ll find the most variety of food and Glühwein, but also a huge variety of different kinds of people.

Kohlenmarkt and Haidplatz

This is a nice, small and cute one. It’s not a crowded place, but also has not so much variety.

Christmas Market, Spitalmarkt, Regensburg, Germany


It was once our favourite. It’s beautiful, idyllicly located and at least in the beginning it was not overcrowded. Unfortunately, this changed a lot now.

Christmas Market/ Weihnachtsmarkt Guteneck, Germany

Guteneck Castle

This is what we meant with the perfect location: A huge variety of food and Glühwein, beautiful decoration, in and around a castle as the location and the secret ingredient: snow!

Christmas Market/ Weihnachtsmarkt Guteneck, Germany

Unfortunately it’s a bit far away from any city. That’s why it’s mostly visited by locals.

Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany


The Christmas Market at the Römer is just awesome. It’s the second oldest (since 1393) and one of the largest in Germany. Every year Frankfurt celebrates a huge Christmas spectacle at the Samstagsberg. With delicious food from all over the world. Due to the huge variety the classic ones seem to be a bit lost here. And: You’ll find the best and biggest Glühwein variety here.

Thurn-und-Taxis-Palais, Frankfurt, Germany

The Christmas Markets starts at the Zeil and stretches to the Main shore. People from everywhere in the world talk in all possible languages and get in the Christmas spirit. What’s awesome is the gathering of the Santas on Inline Skates. We’re really looking forward to it.

Insider tip: The christmas market inside the ‘Thurn und Taxis’-Palais. It’s beautifuly decorated, has the same prices and most of the time it’s not too crowded.

Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremberg, Germany


One of the most important and biggest Christmas Markets of Germany, and one of the most famous in the world. It’s located at the main square, which not only offers you a visit to the Christmas Market, but also the surroundings. The best thing to do is a little bit of sightseeing after the Market, a little bit drunk.

Salzburg, Austria


A small but tasty Christkindlmarkt located at Salzburg Castle. It’s beautiful but Mozart town is always a bit too crowded for that small place.

Personally we think, they make a good job trying to offer a Christmas Market. And the more they practice and think about the details, the better the Christmas Markets will become in the future. We’re talking about Christmas Markets outside of Germany. Maybe the Alsace region can compete with Germany. We haven’t been there yet, but for now we believe all those perfect pictures we see in the internet.

Madrid, Spain


It’s all very christmasy, but we don’t understand why they didn’t offer food at one of the little stalls standing there. Or why are there no warm beverages? It will stay a mystery. The Christmas Market at the Plaza Mayor offers a lot if handmade stuff, but unfortunately that’s it.

Paris, France


In this case Paris has a lot more to offer than Madrid.

Paris, France

The variety is much better and you’ll find more than just decoration. Christmas Markets are small here, but they offer delicious sweets. Paris in Christmas time is definitely worth a visit.

Dublin, Ireland


They surely will learn. It already works quite well with the decoration and the Christmas spirit, but there’s a still a lot of potential here.

Christmas time arrived in Dublin, Ireland

What do you think about our short list? Which Christmas Market would you recommend?

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