10 reasons for Athens!

Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Everybody is going to Paris, London or Rome. That´s fine, but Europe has more to offer.

Athens is one of those cities, that are a little bit underrated. Inspite of the crisis or just because of it, you should definitly explore this country, the birthplace of democracy.

All in all our trip to Athens was a bit exhausting, seeing so much in such a short time. But for various reasons it was a wise decision:

1. Lots of sights: Most of it is located around Plaka district or accessible by subway, so you can see a lot in short time.

2. Food: I know nobody not to like Greek Food.

3. Ouzo: Actually we don’t usually like Ouzo. But being there, it was delicious. 😉

4. Wine: Greek wine… (there’s not more to say here)

5. Everybody’s so much more relaxed than in Germany. Maybe that’s due to climate or to reasons above.

Piraeus, Athens, Greece

6. Mean, but: Crisis! We’re not sure, if it’s due to the crisis, but Athens is a lot cheaper than other European cities. You get lots of value for your money.

7. The Greeks speak good English. In many countries of Southern Europe or in Turkey, you often had to communicate with gestures. Greeks (in our impression) all speak English.

Piraeus, Athens, Greece

8. Beautiful people: The Greeks are beautiful people. But even more likeable.

9. There are many view points: We had great weather, so the city blazed and looked just fabulous from every view point.

Philopappos Hill, Athens, Greece

10. We could visit a very good friend! Thanks to our ‘local’!

Jamas to Hellas!!!!



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