Camera, GoPro, Smartphone: Everything a travel blogger needs or might need!

Northern Lights, Vesterålen, Norway

As you can see on this blog, we’re some of the many people on earth who love to take pictures and videos of their travels. Some of them make their way on this blog.

Here and there we were asked what kind of equipment we bring to our travels; so here’s this post now:

We’re far away from being pros and we’re not really keen on spending too much money on cameras etc. Firstly, because we then would have to cut on our travel budget and this can’t be the intended outcome. Secondly, you can as well have good results with not so expensive devices. It always depends on your ambitions.

In the following, we will present to you the products we’re taking with on our travels. By clicking on the Amazon links you will be directed to the products page (or a similar one). If you chose to buy via these links, we will earn some extra coins by it. Just FYI!

Canon EOS Rebel T6s

Jan is a huge Canon fan. Therefore all his cameras are made in Japan. At the moment he uses the Canon EOS 760D and is really content with it. It’s easy to use, well-equipped and he’s taking great pictures (with the fitting lenses, of course).

Different lenses

Lenses are the really important thing when it comes to high picture quality and you can spend a lot of money on it, if you want to. Ours aren’t too expensive but taking really good pictures.

The Tamron SP AF 17-50mm is a perfect ‘everyday-lens’. It’s perfect for almost any situation with a fast focus and a good sharpness. One day, when it’s retiring we’ll gladly buy the same one again.

The Canon EF-S 10-18mm is perfect for capturing the Northern Lights, generally at-night-pictures or sometimes for landscape photography. It’s insane seeing how much you can capture in one shot. And for the relatively cheap price, the quality is amazing.

And there’s another one of the House of Tamron. To be exactly, it’s the Tamron AF 70-300mm which we mainly bring with us for animal photography. For example for Whale Watching, Safari or anything that’s hard to catch because it’s too distant. Unfortunately, it’s not as visually impressive as the other lenses. In combination with daylight and tripod, pictures still become really good, though.


We own the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition and we wouldn’t like to miss it. We’re not doing any kind of extreme sport but usually use it for snorkelling or being on a boat. Actually, any time when any other device could become wet. It’s also perfect for time lapse videos. With good light conditions the quality of the pictures and the videos are amazing.

Car Mount for GoPro

It’s really practical when trying to capture something on the ride. It’s easy to affix and doesn’t fail on bad road conditions.

Cullmann CU 55191 Magnesit 519 Tripod

This huge and heavy tripod is essential for taking pictures of the Northern Lights, fireworks or any other night scene. This one from Cullmann is all practical especially coming with its own bag.

A small tripod

If you’re too lazy to bring a big tripod, this small one could help you as well. It fits in any hand bag and does what it’s supposed to.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

I own this smartphone since January 2017 and I’m really content with it (don’t like to spend too much on this stuff). I like the quality of the pics and videos even under bad light conditions. What I don’t like is the ‘Selfie-cam’ on the front. For better selfies, you better get yourself an iPhone.

Honor 5X Smartphone

Jan says: This smartphone is way cheaper and with decent light conditions the pictures are really good. The darker it becomes, the worse it is. We don’t use it for videos in this case, as the autofocus is just too slow.

Universal Waterproof Case

As we’re using our GoPro for under water captures, we use those cases rarely. But it’s still useful for protecting money, phone or any other flat stuff during these kind of trips.

Portable Charger small

Perfect for anytime your mobile wants to give up. It fits in any handbag and is therefore perfect for the ladies.

Portable Charger large

We really had these situations, when we couldn’t charge all our advices as there weren’t enough power sockets in our hotel room. Or we just didn’t have the time to. This power bank has enough power for several devices. For example three full charges for a smartphone. It hasn’t let us down yet.

Travel Adapter/International Plug

Meanwhile it should be no secret any more how useful this device is. It doesn’t take too much space in your luggage and will be needed any time. Buy an international multi-plug to use it worldwide.

PowerCube/Multiple Socket

For this one see the point above with the power bank. Anger is in the air when there aren’t enough sockets in the hotel room. This lead to a – let’s call it ‘angry order’ – on Amazon which in turn leads to less anger on the road in the future.

What do you think about those products? Can you recommend better ones? Well, then tell us more!

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