Europe’s most beautiful riverside cities!

In a three part series we want to show you our favourite European cities starting with those situated on rivers. Generally most exciting cities are near any kind of water. With the following two posts we’ll show you cities at … Continued

Once upon a time there were 12 beautiful castles…

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Once upon a time … Right and if they haven’t been destroyed, they’re still standing today. I think there’s no one not being interested in castles. Girls/women still dream of being a princess while guys often still act as if they’re kings. It … Continued

Romantic destinations in Europe!

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While planning our wedding, we’re thinking about honeymoon destinations, too. When our parents heard about it, they were just like ‘You’re honeymooning all the time’. Well, why not! For a beautiful honeymoon, you don’t have to leave Europe. Many people … Continued

Ten Natural Wonders in Europe!

Some people love city trips. And some try to avoid civilization whenever the can. Even if you don’t have such a radical attitude, it’s a fact, that we have natural wonders on our planet, which we should appreciate, love and … Continued