Curaçao Suites – Why we decided to stay in Willemstad!

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Willemstad, Curaçao

We intentionally decided to stay in Willemstad, so we could spend the evenings in this small and beautiful Caribbean town. Staying near one of the beaches would also have had its advantages, but as we had our rental car, we could easily reach all the beautiful beaches in the North West.

Our hotel’s name is ‘Curaçao Suites’. Unimpressive from the outside, the lobby is yet appealing. Staff is very nice and helpful and air condition works very well. Parking lots are just in front of the hotel and main roads to the airport and to the beaches easily to reach.

Our room, as well as the bathroom, was huge and clean. Some would complain, as our room was towards the road and especially Friday and Saturday night, it was quite loud. But we didn’t really care. Of course, we don’t know, if the other rooms are looking the same.

Being addicted to Wi-Fi, I didn’t like it only accessible in the lobby, and not also in our room (as promised). But well, that’s not really a reason to have a strop on.

The English Breakfast was really ‘heavy’, not everyone’s choice, but we really enjoyed it. The Venezuelans too, by the way. But some (especially German women) didn’t like to eat bacon, fried mashed potatoes and croquettes in the morning; they sticked to the wishy-washy toast. Having already said, we liked it 😉

Just a two-minute-walk to Queen-Emma-Bridge meant for us, being able to take a drink without having to worry how to come home. A small supermarket and a post office also were just some metres away.

As we saw it, on the island there are only two post offices in Willemstad and one post box near the Jan Thiel Beach. If you know further locations, I (Burcu) would love to hear from you; I’m really interested. Sending oldschool greetings via postcard was not as easy as we would have thought.

By the way, the hotel was quite cheap. We can definitely recommend it und would come back!

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