Don’t like your accommodation? – What to do!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Who doesn’t know this situation: You know, you didn’t book a luxury hotel. Nevertheless you expect certain standards when it comes to cleanliness, location and comfort.

When we book an accommodation at and the hotel is rated ‘good’, we expect it to be good.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Key moment in Dubrovnik

Last summer, we booked a room in a guesthouse and made the experience, that it was not at all like it was described (not for the first time, though). In this case it was during our stay in Dubrovnik.

In general, the city is expensive and it’s hard to find a not so pricey room there. Therefore any reasonable price is tempting. Plus, the guesthouse offered parking lots. We had a rental car and Dubrovnik doesn’t have much space for cars. While booking, the guesthouses seemed like the ideal solution.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Taking ratings seriously

Nowadays everyone can inform online and find ratings for almost any hotel or guesthouse. You should look a bit closer on them. Of course, they’re not totally reliable, but they give you a glimpse of what to expect.

In our case, it was really astonishing to experience, no one wrote something about the disgustingness, we were going to expect.

The bedclothes were dirty. There was trash all around the room and the bath room was dirty as well. Not to mention the not so little bugs coming out at night. We spent two nights in hell.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Insist on the service

Unfortunately the owner of the guesthouse was really friendly and had two adorable toddlers, so we just didn’t have the courage to complain. It would have been much easier, if she was impolite.

Please, don’t be like us: We really don’t want to know, how many people were continuing their way silently and in disgust. If the bedclothes are dirty, tell them to change them. If the bath room is dirty, tell them you want it to be cleaned. We just paid too much not to expect hygiene standards.

By the way: She definitely knew it. She put in new toilet paper everyday and she’s seen everything. She just didn’t care.

It felt really horrible for us as we were otherwise only making good experiences in the Balkan region. All hotels and guesthouses were super clean!

Stradun, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Rating hotels

Take the chance and rate your hotels. It helps others and applies peaceful pleasure at the owners. On the other side, a good rating will make everybody happy. At least regarding our experiences. We really regretted saying nothing. This won’t happen twice.

Hotels with a rating less than ‘Very good’ won’t be taken in consideration any more. On principle.

Did you make similar experiences? How did you react?

2 Responses

  1. FabioRosado

    Wow that sounds like a really bad experience! Maybe people were afraid to rate it badly because the owner was so lovely? Anyway I think I would just go haha

    I didn’t had such a bad experience, but once I went on a trip with my parents to Madeira island and they decided to stay in a well known hotel. When we got there, they placed us in a side building that not only was in bad condition but was quite dirty.

    My father said we wouldn’t stay there. I agreed. My mom was furious and she decided to do something about it. After going to the reception and have her concerns ignored by the clerk, she got upset and started screaming like a mad woman.

    Funny enough, they did changed us to a different room and got a basket full of goodies from the island as an apology. I guess complaining does pay off sometimes haha

    • senorabubu

      Hahaha great story. Can totally imagine your mum turning mad 😀 It was definitely the right thing to do. Otherwise there will be no changes at all. But we will change our behaviour in the future 😉

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