Drinks in Frankfurt!

After our ‚Where-to-eat‘ post, a ‘Where-to-drink’ post shouldn’t be missing. Just like probably any other city Frankfurt offers some great spots to have a drink.

To begin with, we can definitely say that we don’t really like the ‘famous’ bar area in Sachsenhausen for different reasons. Therefore we chose a few bars (many with outdoor seating areas) that we personally like best in different parts of the city.

The good thing: They are all in walking distance and even if not. Just take a cab!

Logenhaus Bar, Frankfurt, Germany

Logenhaus Bar

Maybe our favourite one. You wouldn’t expect it from the outside but it’s really freaky inside with its amazing 1920’s style and the endless good cocktails.

Logenhaus Bar, Frankfurt, Germany

Logenhaus Bar, Frankfurt, Germany

It’s a bit expensive but a must for cocktail lovers. It’s worth every penny.


Bar ohne Namen, Frankfurt, Germany

Bar ohne Namen

Means ‘bar without name’. It’s located across the Eschenheimer Tor, a popular place all year long and with a relaxed atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with ‘Bar ohne Namen’.

Waxy's Irish Pub, Frankfurt, Germany

Waxy's Irish Pub, Frankfurt, Germany

Waxy’s Irish Pub

As the name says, an Irish Pub. Waxy’s is near the stock exchange and belongs somehow together with the Australian Bar next to it. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day here and we’ll be doing this definitely again next year.

Yok Yok

Not a bar. It’s a little kiosk in the middle of the Bahnhofsviertel and people love buying their beer and hanging out on the street in front. It’s really popular as most alternatives in Frankfurt are way pricier. And it’s relaxed!

Bootshaus Dreyer at the Main River

An Äppler (apple wine) combined with a marvellous skyline view –  or just drink something else. It’s a floating café, comfortable and only nice in summer. But then it really is.

AMP Café Bar, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

AMP Café Bar

A nice location with good drinks right at the Gallusanlage in between the skyscrapers!


Just next to the floating boat on the mainland. It’s nice but just like the Bootshaus, it isn’t easy to get a seat in summer.

Long Island Summer Lounge

Actually, there’s nothing bad to say about rooftop bars ever. Long Island Summer Lounge is a cool place and you shouldn’t definitely pass by sometime in summer. Our personal opinion: less Champagne and less of a snob atmosphere but more relaxed spirit would make it even better.

Fleming's Deluxe, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Fleming’s Deluxe

After reaching the 7th floor of the Fleming Hotel via paternoster, you can enjoy delicious drinks with a nice skyline view. Also a bit expensive but worth it!

Markets at the Stock Exchange and Friedberger Markt

We recommend both. No bars but markets with wine stalls catering thirsty after work people. At least at the stock exchange. The Friedberger Markt is more frequented by students and families. It’s so popular in summer it’s hard to find some free space to sit down.


For everyone searching for a nice beer garden in summer, this is an option. We tend to make our beer garden visits when visiting our home in Bavaria. But for this one here combined with a little bike tour along the Main River we make an exception.

Park Café, Frankfurt, Germany


Again, no bars, but amazing spots to enjoy a drink in summer. The Park-Café is in the middle of the park, next to the Korean Garden and offers a lovely seating area with views over the park.

When you want to combine culture with drinks, the ‘Freilichtfestival’ (open air festival) of Dramatische Bühe is perfect for you. In July and August, there’s an open air theatre each year. Very relaxed atmosphere and good plays, just perfect! There’s hardly anything better on a beautiful summer evening in Frankfurt.

What are your tips? Where do you go for a drink in Frankfurt?




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