Our itinerary for western Balkans in 10 days!

During our 10 day trip around western Balkans, we wanted to explore the less known areas in Bosnia & Herzegovina and in Montenegro besides the very famous Croatian coast. As it is a bit far from Frankfurt by car, we took the plane to Zadar. For our trip, the best starting point.

Medugorje, Maria Apparition Hill, Bosnia Herzegovina

Roadtrip by rental car from the Zadar Airport

We got our rental car in Zadar and circulated western Balkans. We stayed one or two nights at each place. This was partly exhausting, but only this way it was possible to see so many beautiful spots in a short time. Of course you can spend more time here. It is said that, if it can’t get any better, you should stop! And that’s at least what we tell ourselves!

All in all we enjoyed it very much and definitely want to recommend it. As always, you find more details in the respective posts, of course.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

The detailed itinerary:

1. Zadar

After arriving in Zadar, we visited Plitvice Lakes. In the evening we enjoyed the sunset in Zadar and stayed the night close to the city in the Apartments Milic.

2. Mostar

We continued to Bosnia & Herzegovina. After a three hours drive, we arrived in Mostar, where we stayed one night, again, in the Villa Nar Mostar.

3. Kotor

In the morning we visited the Dervish house in Blagaj, before heading to Montenegro (again a three hours drive). We passed unspoilt mountains and the border and arrived at the Bay of Kotor: A fjord in the mediterranean sea. We stayed two nights and visited Kotor and Budva. We stayed in the Apartments Bjelanovic.

4. Dubrovnik

Back in Croatia, we arrived in Dubrovnik. We stayed two nights, again and loved the stunning old town. But we can’t recommend our accommodation, the Guesthouse Barbara.

5. Orebic

After crossing the Peljesac peninsula, we arrived in Orebic. We stayed one night here in the Apartments Vesna and took the ferry to Korcula.

6. Medugorje

The next day we went back to Bosnia. After crossing three borders in half an hour (due to the small Bosnian access to the sea) we arrived for one night in Medugorje in the Pansion Rajic. The Kravica waterfalls and Pocitelj were on our itinerary.

7. Baska Voda

Finally we stayed two nights in Baska Voda in the Guesthouse Civljak and enjoyed the Makarska Riviera‘s beaches. In the end we visited Split and Sukosan before going back to Zadar Airport.

Itinerary for western Balkans in 10 days

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