Our Babymoon in Madeira!

Madeira, Portugal

It’s been quite a while since our trip to Madeira. End of November we spoiled ourselves with a week of relaxation on the beautiful flower island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean.

We’re expecting a baby in March and thought, a last little trip just the two of us, couldn’t hurt. As many travel regions are out of question for pregnant women (Zika), at least for us. Madeira was the perfect babymoon destination for us. I was able to eat almost everything. The island is famous for its sweet wine, which I don’t like anyways. So everything was perfect for my current condition.

Before we show you all the beautiful things we’ve seen and done, here are some hard facts for Madeira newbies.

Madeira, Portugal

The weather in Madeira in November

It’s called flower island because it is a flower island. Thanks to the all-year-round mild climate it’s blooming and green everywhere and it just looks beautiful. The little Madeira bananas prospering everywhere are very delicious.

There’s no wrong travel time to Madeira. What we heard from others: It could be rainy all summer long while winter is dry. As it was the case in 2018. Or the other way around.

Madeira, Portugal

As Madeira is an Atlantic island, there is no relying on the weather forecast. At the end of November, we two half rainy days and otherwise a lot of sunshine during our one week. And of course, fresh air and 18 to 23°C.

In conclusion, you can pack anything that has to do with summer or raining.

Madeira, Portugal

The good thing about Madeira is, this small island offers choices for every weather. Hiking, other sports or tanning or relaxing in a nice wellness hotel, you’ll always find something to make you happy.

Madeira, Portugal

Where is Madeira?

The island of Madeira belongs to Portugal. It lies 951km southwest of Lisbon and 737km west of Moroccan coast. The island was discovered before Christ but just populated in 1420 by Henry the Navigator.

More hard facts as always here: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeira Because, as you know, we want to tell you about our experiences.

Madeira, Portugal

Where to book your accommodation

Depending on which side of the island you are, there are different landscapes. During the following posts, you’ll see what we mean.

Of course, according to this, you’ll have to decide on your own. Depending on your need for rest, you should avoid or choose Funchal or the surrounding area.

Hotel Orca Praia, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Hotel Orca Praia near Funchal

Our hotel was a little bit west of Funchal. We decided for the Orca Praia because firstly there was a good offer back then and secondly because of its location: It was directly at the sea but well connected with the motorway, including parking.

Hotel Orca Praia, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

The rooms are nice and clean. We had a great view of the sea and the only sand beach near Funchal right in front of the door. It’s a black beach and together with a great sunrise and sunset, we could see almost every day, it was perfectly beautiful.

Breakfast was delicious and, let’s say rich. Actually, way too much for us. Of course, we feasted nevertheless but thankfully lost the overweight back at home. White, first-world-people and their problems.

More about Madeira here:

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