Varadero – Tourist hell or heaven on earth?

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While in Cuba we definitely wanted to spend some days on the beach. And please one of the most beautiful ones! We were one afternoon on Playa Ancon. Lovely. But firstly we wanted more and secondly our high expectations had to be fulfilled. As they were formed by many pictures.

50 shades of blue! - Varadero, Cuba

Backpacking in Varadero

Why Varadero and is it a usual backpack destination? Basically, it’s not OK. Our first idea was Cayo Coco, but it was too expensive. Plus there are no Casas Particulares there, but only hotels.

Pelicans posing for a photo - Vardero, Kuba

In Varadero, we had the most beautiful Casa and by far the best view over the beach.

Our Casa Particular in Varadero, Kuba

View from our Casa Particular's balcony - Varadero, Kuba

Casas Particulares in Varadero

We took the bus from Trinidad to Varadero. Not the most comfortable way, but the cheapest. When we arrived, the weather was not perfect. But that was supposed to change.

We reserved our Casa one day before. Normally it would be better to do it earlier if you wanted a particular one. But our plans spontaneously changed due to Cayo Coco and it worked.

Varadero, Cuba

Varadero, Cuba

Varadero, Cuba

The room including a huge balcony with views over the beach was a bit more expensive, but it was worth it. It always depends on how long you’re staying and what your plans are. In our case, it was just perfect.

Varadero, Cuba

Viva la Cuba libre - Varadero, Cuba

Our landladies, three sisters, were just lovely. One morning, we discovered them in the morning, lying wasted on the common area’s sofas. They made too much fiesta the night before and some boozy breath was in the air. We wanted to have breakfast at nine.

Our landladies - Vardero, Cuba

We woke one of them and she apologised thousands of times. We didn’t dislike as it was really funny. We could have gone elsewhere for breakfast but we just wanted stay!

Breakfast was not as perfect as the day before, but it was worth the entertainment.

You can have good lunch and dinner here, too. Guests from the hotels nearby came over to eat. Although they had booked all-inclusive. This leads to the next point.

Varadero, Cuba

Vardero, Cuba

Beach wedding - Varadero, Cuba

All-inclusive in Cuba? A nightmare!

Varadero’s huge beach is amazing! A dream! Don’t listen to people telling you something else- they lie!

Varadero, Cuba

But: A walk along the beach is sometimes depressing. Sad atmostphere, all-inclusive hotels with bad food and wasted Russians who continue drinking in the morning to surivive their hangover. That’s why some people came to our Casa and told they have lunch here every day and spend here their next holiday.

Varadero, Cuba

Varadero, Cuba

Varadero, Cuba

Varadero’s stereotypes

Vintage car in Varadero, Cuba

Vintage car in Varadero, Cuba

So, it depends on where you are in Varadero. Sometimes you can perfectly have fun watching people. We are not supporting people wearing jogging pants and snuffing staff in restaurants. Well, others do. But why do they wonder why we were being treated nicely and they weren’t?

Some stereotypes were confirmed! But we had an amazing time and can definetly recommend our accommodation. The hotel guests often don’t leave their part of the beach, so we were almost alone at our part most of the time. And if not, it was entertaining watching some of them:

Legend no. 1 - Varadero, Cuba

Legend no. 2 - Varadero, Cuba

Legend no. 3 - Varadero, Cuba

Varadero: Yes or no? YES!YES!YES!

Varadero, Cuba

Varadero, Cuba

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    • Jan

      Hi Geert,
      sorry for our late reply. We were in the Bahamas and couldn’t regularly check the comments.
      The name of the casa is:
      Casa Garcia Dihigo
      #1203 Camino Del Mar,
      Tel: 53-45-612369

      We hope the contact information is still correct. If you are interested, we would advise you to ask them as soon as possible, because they are regularly booked.

      Hope this helps,
      don’t hesitate if you have further questions,
      kind regards, Burcu & Jan

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