The 12 most beautiful places in Eastern Europe! (Update)

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

We’ve been to some places in Eastern Europe now and we can definitely say, that most of them are still totally underrated.

Aside from the fact that there has been peace for several years now, prices are like what the stingy German has always been dreaming about. Both facts should actually attract them in masses. It’s good, it’s not like this but it’s weird for us.

Split, Dalmatia, Croatia

As someone growing up in the Disney generation, I’m totally in love with medieval fairy tale places. If you’re not wanderlusting after seeing this list, I don’t know what to say anymore.

A note on the side: I think almost all of the places mentioned in this list belong to the UNESCO World Heritage somehow. The order in this list isn’t of importance. It’s difficult to say which place is better than the other.

EDIT: This is a warmed up post from the past, adding two more cities to the list. It’s one of the most popular posts on our blog. Therefore we repost this one for all the Eastern Europe lovers. You’re welcome!

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

1. Český Krumlov

It has a really great Old Town and the food is pricey and delicious. Good arguments for a visit to Southern Bohemia in Czech Republic!

While the capitol city Prague is a popular destination for years now, Český Krumlov appears slowly on people’s radar. But it has already reached international attention.

We felt very well here. The view up from the castle to the Old Town was fabulous.

Stari Most, View from Mosque, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

2. Mostar

We promise you, you won’t be disappointed visiting Bosnia & Herzegovina. Three places from this country have not managed it for nothing on this list.

The Old Town in Mostar is a dream. During war, a lot of places were destroyed including the 460 years old Stari Most Bridge. After rebuilding it, it stands with ‘its head helding high’ and attracts people from all over the world. Stari Most is the city’s landmark and the postcard motive.

Narrow alleys, Ottoman kitsch, Çay, good and solid Balkan food and unbelievably friendly people will make remember this place forever. And the region’s wine is also not so bad!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

3. Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones –  I think there’s actually no need to say more. Westeros’ alleys are unfortunately not the cheapest places on earth.

The view from all sides of the City Wall, the bars at the cliffs and the street music at night at the main square create an amazing atmosphere and attract people from all continents.

Korcula, Croatia

4. Korcula

The beautiful island in South Dalmatia is also known as Dubrovnik’s little sister. And we’ll subscribe to that. The medieval Old Town with its narrow alleys are convincing on the one hand. On the other hand, there are all the restaurants with an amazing view over the beautiful turquoise sea.

This is a place, we will definitely return as there are pristine beaches not far from the Old Town. Furthermore its more peaceful here than in Dubrovnik.

Fortress Sveti Ivan, Kotor, Montenegro

5. Kotor

The walk up to St. John Fortress is really exhausting. But you get rewarded with a fantastic view over Southern Europe’s only fjord. On warm days, you better hike up in the morning as it becomes really hot during the day and many one day tourist groups will block your way.

The Old Town is really cute with its stone houses and cafes and restaurants. As Kotor is strategically perfectly located, it had been under the influence of many Mediterranean conquerors over the centuries. They all left their marks. If you had been visiting Kotor’s surroundings, you already know it’s not the cheap kind of place.

Prague, Czech Republic

6. Prague

The Golden City with its beautiful Old Town and castle is definitely no secret. Nevertheless you should put Prague on your list of the fairytale cities and plan at least two or three days for it.

Pocitelj, Bosnia & Herzegovina

7. Pocitelj

Oh, what a view. This little place not far from Mostar was once an Ottoman fortress. The not so well preserved cobbled stone streets lead up to the ruins of the fortress. From here, you’ll have an amazing view over village with the mosque and the Neretva valley.

The way up is not so far but steep and really a challenge with flipflops. Last one should only be done by experienced people like me.

Zadar, Dalmatia, Croatia

8. Zadar

Zadar is not the kind of fairy tale city though it has a cute Old Town. It’s actually the Sea organ at sunset what’s going to make us return one day. It’s a magical place with a dreamy melody that you will still hear hours afterwards.

Blagaj tekija, Bosnia & Herzegovina

9. Blagaj tekija

This place is a dream come true. And it’s so calm – it’s amazing. It’s like this Dervish Monastery was grown naturally in the cliffs and nature and men finally form a perfect symbiosis.

Hopefully it will stay like this for a long time – beautiful, natural and definitely not overcrowded. My favourite place in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Split, Dalmatia, Croatia

10. Split

Oh my, Split! The alleys of Split’s Old Town are amazing. They also made a good job with the Roman Show at the Diocletian’s Palace.

Split is very popular among cruise ship tourists as well as among young party folks. It’s definitely a busy place and you won’t have the alleys for your own. But we really enjoyed sitting in one of the restaurants and enjoying the city’s flair. Split stays on this list!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

11. Ljubljana

There are cities on this planet that don’t need to do something in particular to get any cool vibe. Ljubljana is one of those cities.

There aren’t any sites that will knock your socks off. We also didn’t experience something spectacular.  It was probably a combo of food, wine, good weather and cool people. The atmosphere was just amazing!

Totally recommend this city. Love to come back any time again.

Krakow, Poland

12. Krakow

Krakow is simply amazing. Super delicious Pierogi to good prices, a little bit of Vodka and a great christmasy atmosphere – that’s how we got to know Poland’s secret capital. Furthermore, from here you easily make a day trip to Auschwitz Memorial.

A beautiful, culturally and culinary diverse city and (at least for Germans) really affordable.

Are there any more places you can recommend for Eastern Europe? Which one should we put on our list next?

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