Where to eat in Frankfurt – our recommendations!

VaiVai, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Sooner or later every German comes to Frankfurt at least once (for whatever reason). Fact: Frankfurt is Germany’s and Europe’s geographical centre. And the city might replace London as Europe’s financial capital soon enough.

And while you’re in this super important city, you surely want to know where to eat best. We can assure you that Frankfurt won’t disappoint you regarding the culinary side of life.

As we’ve been living in this awesome city for four years now, we piled up some culinary know-how which we want to share with you.

Keeping this in mind: Gudde Abbo! (Means ‘Enjoy your meal!’ in Hessian dialect)

City Centre

Casa Medici, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Casa Medici

If you have something special to celebrate or your money sits loose and you want to enjoy life, Casa Medici is there for you.

Casa Medici, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Casa Medici, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Casa Medici, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The food is a feast for the eye and the service is outstanding. It tastes fantastic and exceeded all our expectations.

Jamie’s Burger

There’s an overload of good Burger restaurants in Frankfurt and it is hard to keep up with all those still coming up. Though it’s located in the tourist area (near the Römer), Jamie’s Burgers are definitely one of the best in town. It’s also good value for money.

Nomu Sushi Bar, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Nomu Suhsi Bar

A little bit expensive, a little bit hidden. But also the best place for Sushi we’ve found so far in Frankfurt. The restaurant is really small, the service is really friendly and the atmosphere is quiet.


Pizza Montana

Best Pizza in Town – maybe. The Pizzas look fantastic and they are delicious.

What the Food!

Hipster Food at its best. There are salads, sandwiches and Snacks – but also main dishes. The atmosphere is relaxed and you’re surrounded by hip people. The food is healthy and good value for money.


Zum Gemalten Haus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Zum Gemalten Haus

If you want to eat real Frankfurt Food, the best thing to do is to eat in one of the many rustic ‘Apfelweinwirtschaften’ (traditional cider bars and restaurants). You order a Ebbelwoi (apple wine) and choose one of the many heavy meals. Traditionally you order Grie Soß (green sauce, traditionally made of 7 herbs), beef sausages and ‘Handkäs mit Musik’ (small cheese originally formed by hand with onions). German food is generally known as heavy food. Therefore you won’t leave an ‘Apfelweinwirtschaft’ walking – you’ll roll out of it.

The ‘Gemalte Haus’ is touristy and you should have seen it at least once. The many Bembel (traditional pitchers) decorate the walls and give you the kind of ‘typical Frankfurt’ Frankfurt visitors are searching for. As the food tastes really good, your visit here won’t be a waste of time.

Apfelweinwirtschaft Adolf Wagner, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Apfelweinwirtschaft Wagner

You can expect rustic, heavy and delicious Frankfurt (Hessian?) food in Apfelweinwirtschaft Wagner.

Apfelweinwirtschaft Adolf Wagner, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Apfelweinwirtschaft Adolf Wagner, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Is this one the best? Who knows. We can definitely recommend this one.


Casa Rosa, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Casa Rosa

Casa Rosa is our favourite Italian restaurant, for three reasons: 1. It’s not far from our home 2. Giancarlo, the owner of the restaurant is just amazing 3. The food is always so delicious and at the same time cheap compared to the rest of Frankfurt. You definitely have to eat here.

VaiVai, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Another one just around the corner. The food and the wines are amazing. It’s a bit expensive, but if you like the ‘see and be seen’ game, this is your place.

Thai Express

It’s not a restaurant but also not a snack bar. Something in between. It can definitely apply for the ‘Best Thai Food in Town’ award.

Pizzeria Tre Stelle

Best Pizza! And really cheap. In summer you can sit outside. Or you do it like most: Take away and eat your Pizza wherever you want.


Upscale and delicious. Therefore of course expensive but worth every penny. It’s a must for Foodies.


Bully's Burger, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bully’s Burger

There are two Bully’s Burger stores in Frankfurt and one in Mainz. The decoration alone is worth the visit.

Bully's Burger, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bully's Burger, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bully's Burger, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The cool French Dog is the trademark of the company and the burgers are really delicious. Also good value for money.

Bully's Burger, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


This is a snack bar in Nordend claiming to offer the ‘Best Falafel in Town’. We made the test and can totally confirm this.


Great Italian restaurant with open-air seating. The food is delicious and the prices okay for Frankfurt. This is one of the few Italian restaurants in Frankfurt offering home made Orecchiette. It’s not easy to find this Puglian speciality in Frankfurt’s restaurants.

Casa Pintor

Delicious Tapas, very good wine and a great atmosphere. It’s a bit expensive but worth the money.

Villa Lauda

If you love truffle pasta, this is your place. Prices are a little bit expensive. You should definitely make a reservation before coming as it is really popular.



You can get the classic Kebap everywhere in the city. But if you’re searching for a Kurdish restaurant offering finest Adana Kebab or lamb skewer, we definitely recommend you to eat at Gundi.



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