A Backpacker’s dream: Budget travelling in northern Europe – Part 2

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Part 1: here!

Ferry to Finland

The second day in the evening (8 pm), my ferry departed for Finland. I booked the ticket online and payed €40 for the 9 to 10 hours shipping, including a bed in a four persons’ cabin. The cruise was awesome: Starting with a sunset over Stockholm, passing many islands in the archipelago and in the end a sunrise over the sea. In between I had a really good night’s sleep and a shower. Worth a recommendation.

Sunrise over the sea, Finland

Turku – unknown yet beautiful

Then I spent two nights in Turku ‚for free‘. The European cultural capital of 2011 doesn’t have many sights. Yet it’s an interesting, idyllic town.

Castle in Turku

Cathedral in Turku

Turku, Finland
Ship lying in Turku port

Nature is always close and the archipelago’s islands are worth a boat trip. We visited Vepsä, one of them.

Vepsä, one of the islands of the archipelago

There I found a Swedish House as you imagine it from pictures, despite being in Finland.

But as Finland’s southwestern part is partly Swedish, that’s no big surprise.

Swedish house on Vepsä, Finland

Nature in the archipelago off the Finnish coast

The archipelago's islands, Finland

As you would expect from a student’s city, nightlife is cool!

Turku by night

Ferry back to Stockholm

After two nights I took the ferry back to Stockholm. This time by day and it was beautiful seeing everything in daylight. The huge ferry passing those countless islands is really impressing. As I didn’t book a bed, I couldn’t sleep. That’s why the shipping appeared very long. But OK, lots of time to read, taking a nap and breathing fresh salty air.

Archipelago off the Finnish coast

One of the archipelago's islands, Finland

The end

The last part was exhausting though. But worth the experience! I arrived in Stockholm at 7 pm. My flight back to Germany was to depart at 6 am the next morning, the bus to the airport at 2:30 am. So that’s not worth booking an accommodation. But what to do?

In daylight I did some more sightseeing. Later I  had dinner in McDonalds (affordable). Then I had the idea of my life: Well, that’s exagerated- i just tried something!

Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

I went back to the hostel, i stayed a few nights ago and explained them my situation. And thank God, they let me spent the rest of my time in their lobby. Here i was able to surf, read, talk, observe, fall asleep and wake up again.

At 2 am I went to the bus station and later from Skavsta back to Memmingen. Luckily my parents picked me up at the airport (thanks to them!) and we drove back to Regensburg. As I could take several short naps, I wasn’t even too tired.

Of course, there would have been (more comfortable) alternatives. But that would have been way more expensive. And all in all, it was really fun, so I can definitely recommend. A great experience, which I would repeat.

View from the port to Gamla Stan, Stockholm



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