Bahama Mama – We’re going to paradise!

Varadero, Cuba

We’re endlessly happy and haven’t thought about anything else for some days.

On our next trip, we’ll finally visit the Bahamas. To be exactly one of its over 700 islands called Great Exuma. Crystal clear water, powdery white beaches, solitude – that’s what we’re searching for on our Bahamas trip and we’ll hopefully find it.

Furthermore, Great Exuma is perfectly located close to Stocking Island and to the famous swimming pigs on Big Major Cay. The latter is something I was talking to my friends for years.

Varadero, Cuba

Why the Bahamas?

Actually, we wanted to combine our honeymoon to South Africa with a little bit of beach time. When we thought it through, only the Caribbean islands came into question. Don’t know why. It’s not like the other half of the planet was ugly.

Actually, I can’t explain why we did something so illogical, but the end of the story is called ‘Bahama Mama’ now. South Africa and the Bahamas in one trip would have been too exhausting, which is why we did it some months later. And: we didn’t want to catch Hurrican season.

Varadero, Cuba

Little information makes it hard to plan the trip

As awesome as it is, Great Exuma is a little bit off the beaten path, and there’s only a little information about the island on the internet. As just lying around makes you fat and too much relaxing is boring, we want to know what to do when there.

There’s a lot of information about Nassau (New Providence) and surrounding as it is the most popular island and three-quarter of the population of the Bahamas is living here. Especially for Americans and Canadians, it’s a short trip to paradise. It doesn’t make these islands less beautiful but the beaches aren’t probably very lonely.

As there’s not so much information available about the Exumas and especially Great Exuma, we hope we will be able to change that.

We’re really looking forward to sharing our experiences with you when we’re back.

To plan our trip we ordered a Lonely Planet guide book. Furthermore, we found two pages online with decent information.

This Canadian loves to travel to the paradises of this planet, among other the Bahamas. She has some good information and beautiful pictures on our blog. They increased our anticipation even more.

It’s a official tourism site with a bit of info. For a first impression the page is sufficient.

If you know a page with good information about the Exumas, don’t hesitate to tell us.

(P.S.: For this post I used pictures from our time Cuba as we don’t have pictures of the Bahamas yet. I think the beaches are similar in Varadero but we’ll see.)

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