How Jan convinced me to travel Germany!

Stralsund, Germany

In my youth (although I’m still not too old) I always wanted to travel far away. My own country (Germany) seemed boring. Thinking “What the heck is there to see here?” and “It’s always more beautiful elsewhere!”, I always wanted to see what was far away. That hasn’t changed.

The older I became and the more I travelled, the more I wanted to see. While staying abroad I started comparing: Our life vs others’ lifes, opinions, manners. You can see what’s going on in a country and compare it with your home. ‘Are they doing it right or wrong, or are we?’ (Yes, sometimes I’m quite philosophic 😉 )

Wanting to travel, doesn’t mean, I don’t like being at home. Contrary, I love my family and have great friends. And Jan is always with me when travelling. I don’t miss anything. I think I’m mentally healthy. After some time I’m always happy to come home and enjoy some luxury (there isn’t warm water in the shower everywhere).

But there’s a voice in my head, telling me ‘Do it again!’. See also “10 reasons why you should travel!”

Sächsische Schweiz, Germany


But now, why Germany:

Discovering Germany actually started with us moving to Frankfurt (some exceptions already before). Out of Bavaria, into the world. In Bavaria we knew the beautiful lakes and the alps. Jan had already seen more places in Europe and Germany, but for me they often weren’t interesting.

Baltic Sea and North Sea are nice but too cold; in Eastern Germany there are only Nazis and those you can see in trash TV live in Western Germany. Those were my prejudices (then and sometimes still today because i think it’s amusing).

Data by OpenStreetMap

On our way to Hamburg (first city trip in Germany; Munich doesn’t count and yes, I haven’t been to Berlin then) we spent one night in Stralsund (that was before our time in Frankfurt).

Impressed by the landscape in Eastern Germany (barren and flat) I was curious about the island of Rügen. And yes, it really looks as in the pictures. Jan and Rügen convinced me!

Besides the clean air, best things were the excellent fish rolls (Matjes and Bismarckhering). I just love them, they are so much better than at ‘Nordsee’ (German fast food chain).

Beautiful landscape and the impressing Königsstuhl made me say ‘Ah’ and ‘Oh’. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time to be here.

We stayed in a hostel near the centre of Stralsund. It wasn’t fully booked and we got a four bed room (although booked a double room). OK for us, but I thought it would be more crowded in August.

Rügen, Germany

All show and no substance!

Stralsund is a mixture of rotten houses (we really didn’t know anything like this in Bavaria nor in Frankfurt) and a beautifully restored centre with illuminated buildings by night. I loved it and was confused at the same time. The oldtowns of the places where we live and lived used to be pimped and leased or sold for exclusive prices.

After a short side trip to Lübeck (yummy Pastramis, boring Lübeck) we drove to Hamburg – Hamburg is just great, so I don’t have to say too much here.

That was our first trip in Germany.

After moving to Frankfurt we continued. Moving to Frankfurt felt like a long city trip (with own apartment) to me. We discovered many places around Frankfurt. And I really like the Rhein-Main-area. Oh I even love the wine! Being a little bit of a Bavarian patriot I still prefer Bavaria!

Also see the post ‘Why it’s good to leave Bavaria (at least temporarily)’.

In further posts I’m gonna tell you about our other trips. Maybe I’m even creating a Top 10 list (how creative).

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