What to do in Istanbul!

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Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Besides all the sightseeing, there is always time for getting to know Turkish habits. We present to you a list of the things, you have to do when in Istanbul.

Bosporus Cruise, Istanbul, Turkey

Ship cruise over the Bosporus

You can choose whether to do it by day or at sunset. Fact is: This belongs to the Must-Dos when in Istanbul.

Bosporus cruise, Istanbul, Turkey

You can buy the ticktes next to the chaotic bus station in Eminönü (next to the Galata Bridge). There are cheap ones, which the locals use, and of course expensive ones for the tourists. Both tickets offer you the same views. Avoid the tourist tickets.

Bosporus Cruise, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

From the ship you can see the Dolmabahçe Palace. If you want, you can also enter it, but we didn’t have enough time. This is why we can only recommend the view from the ship.

Bosporus Cruise, Istanbul, Turkey


We totally recommend to get off the ferry and make a stop in Ortaköy. You can sit in one of the many cafés and enjoy the view over the Bosporus Bridge and the mosque. If you’re up for an adventure, take the bus back to Eminönü and you will be a witness of Istanbul’s chaotic traffic.

Istanbul, Turkey

Drinking Cay

You can’t miss drinking a Turkish cay (tea) during your Istanbul trip. You can drink it almost everywhere. If you don’t want it too strong (dark colour), you say “Acik olsun, lütfen” to the waitress. (Means: ‘Please not too strong’).

Prince Islands, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Mocha

It’s something like the Turkish Espresso, only with a lot of coffee grounds. It’s totally charming when they serve it with oriental, made for tourist dishes. When ordering, they usually ask you, how sweet you want your mocha (mokka). You have three choices:

‘Şekkerlı’: Lots of sugar

‘Orta sekkerlı’: Some sugar

‘Şekkersiz‘: Without sugar

Last choice is only for the brave. We recommend the medium choice.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey


Why this is the place for shopping? You have so many possibilities. In every quarter, you’ll find a bazaar or huge shopping malls. The dimension of shopping possibilities is gigantic. And people willing to spend their money will definitely be successful.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Unfortunately, we had to make the experience that there is no bargaining any more. At least at the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar. Prices are arranged and partly astronomical (if you know how cheap it is outside the touristic spots). Tourist numbers are rising and with them the prices, because many just pay every price.

Ortaköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish cuisine

Even the last country bumpkin will realize there is more to Turkish food than doner kebap. Turkish food often includes lots of meat. But you shouldn’t miss the huge variety.

When going out for eating, you should order ‘Meze’. It’s something like Turkish tapas and they belong to every Turkey trip. The reckless of you will it do traditional style and order some Raki. We just don’t like it. It tastes awful.

Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

Eating out in Istanbul is cheap. Of course, there are expensive star restaurants, but talking about ‘normal’ restaurants, you’ll get a lot for your money. Just as said before, the variety is outstanding and there’s more than doner.

Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Delight

Since the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ everyone knows them. Little Edmund loves Turkish delight so much, he even betrays his siblings to the white witch Jadis. She promises him Turkish delight until the rest of his life.

Turkish delight is everywhere. It’s offered to cay and mokka and the variety is huge. And they all taste delicious. You have to be careful not to eat too much. Bellyache is guaranteed. You’ll also find it under the name ‘Lokum’.

Tashan Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Narghile at Taşhan Bazaar in Laleli

A lot of people love waterpipes. In Turkey, they’re called narghile. We’re not that big fans but here you should go to one of those bars at least once. Before we could even sit in one of the Tourist bars, we found one in the most perfect location for that: The courtyard of the Taşhan Bazaar in Laleli.

Tashane, Historical Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

The complex was built in the 18th century. The Historical Bazaar itself was really interesting. Going through the corridor at night was a bit creepy, though.

The café is really stylish and there were no tourists. We hope it remains like that. Prices and audience are evidence for this café being authentic and not a tourist place.

Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Do as the Romans do

The lucky of you, have more time when travelling to Istanbul. You have the time to get lost and find yourself in one of the many student cafés with an awesome view. And watch people. Or just start playing backgammon with them.

Prince Islands, Istanbul, Turkey

Trip to the Prince Islands

Also for those with more time. It should be part of your Istanbul trip. You can watch locals learning to ride cycles. There’s no space left for that in the city. This is why they learn it here.

French Street, Istanbul, Turkey

Rooftop Bars

Well, this is always a good idea. And the city is perfect for that, as it was built on seven hills, just like Rome and Lisbon.

View from the Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Visiting a Hamam

This would be the perfect end of your trip. As we didn’t have the time to we didn’t do this and totally regret it. At the end of such a sightseeing marathon it would be the perfect wellness treatment for your sore body.




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